On the chain weight favorites love Shanghai

in addition to love outside of Shanghai, there are Cape of Good Hope, YAHOO, and other large effect of price collection site outside the chain is very good, but there is a difference in the love of Shanghai, that is when the newly created account, you collect a is almost a, for when using this account of "will be included slow, or not to be included, you can practice

three: do the chain

many people compare love through a blog to write text or engage in the chain, and for another method but don’t know much, that is to get more the chain through the website of the favorites feature, and now on the network there are many favorites, in the top left chain whether to improve the site in the search engine weight inside this often also separately said, in many of the favorites inside, if every one do, estimated to be tiresome, and different weight favorites chain often get is not the same, here we have to introduce the favorites chain for the website in search engine weight

! included! Oh! other favorites favorites!

why? Because the chain of sina vivi and QQ favorites is not going to bring any imported weight to your website, we can actually use SITE commands to test the effect of the chain, when we test vivi, included only 1 of the poor; and so is QQ. You say what effect the construction of the chain in it? In addition to QQ, there are 114la too, it included favorites are very little, almost no, we really need to do before must learn how to use the SITE command to test, in the premise of the chain has a certain influence the next to do the chain

: a chain of many favorites is not enough to get a higher weight

two: the key point is to do love Shanghai favorites

It is really very eccentric

actually love Shanghai, for their own products always be included, this is no way, whose child who hurts, so the chain of love is the object of our favorites inside Shanghai key work. Because of love in Shanghai after every update, contains all the collector’s home page, because the pages than the home section depth increased two, once again proved the love of Shanghai is much higher than the weight of home page and column theory Oh; this is a very normal phenomenon, the number of other collectors are often in between 40 60, the number of pages and collectors should have a two very high weight site, such as the Shanghai know love, love the Shanghai encyclopedia above, we also learn a web page in the favorites inside is diversified, so it will be easier to

this is the author in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, summarizes the key when I did the favorites outside the chain of problems and solutions, love Shanghai more love have multiple accounts together a collection of a website, the >

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