How to make the website optimization website content

?How many

: the first volume


second: the content of the site itself reserves

there are many methods to see what competitors do website in terms of content, such as included in the query site search instruction to love Shanghai is a more valuable a standard. This results in some aspects still not sure, we just want to know he is a topic (keywords) within the capacity? Is very simple, a Sina for example: how much is the contents of the car? We can do this: "site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 Title: key words".


content orientation

this is sure to know the competition within the capacity, then can according to this as the basis for planning and evaluating their own website to do content scale.

a very understanding of their own business, he can roughly know the industry about how much knowledge, in this case, as long as the careful induction, classification, combined with the needs of users, and use their professional knowledge to start building site. Need to pay attention to the new technology, new industry trends and user needs to grasp.

is a web site builder, he was very clear about the theme of the site, so in the construction site at the same time must be to focus on relativity, around the theme for the content construction and combined with the demand of the user. Those not related to must remove, even if it is hot, but the theme of the site completely irrelevant and not blind to chase. If the search engine included too many irrelevant content that is fatal to a website, light is the site is down right, heavy K station.

first content we should be how to judge:

in the rapid development of the Internet today, the website is to transfer information and provide the primary route of transmission, but valuable content, the site do better, the majority of users are not found in vain. In the web site after online, planning, editing and updating the content of the website is a long-term and arduous task, especially the original content, content is the root of the website, can give the user the amount of information, directly determines our website ranking. How to put the arduous task to arrange

there are a lot of people will ask such a question my site in the early construction of time exactly how much content? What kind of content is consistent with my current website theme? Because there is not a simple formula to explain the problem, so we can use several of the simplest way to judge about:

can real-time attention hot industry, do a few paper promotion is also very good. Take the love of Shanghai billboard, every day there will be a real hot, these hot spots involved in all walks of life, even if the webmaster can find it related to the operation of the site itself and can start off carefully arranged "

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