n fact you do a pseudo Shanghai dragon imperceptibly

The first point:


you may have such a feeling: now in the era after Shanghai dragon why we doing quasi Shanghai Longfeng age thing? Many have 2-3 years of industry experience in Shanghai Longfeng performer will declare that "Shanghai dragon is nothing more than the content + the + chain weight". Perhaps there are a group of 3-5 years of experience in Shanghai dragon Er out, Shanghai dragon can not only pay attention to the unilateral ability to have user experience thinking, operation way, forget Shanghai dragon is the best Shanghai dragon.

no matter what camp said, in fact no matter right or wrong, because Shanghai is the dragon has certain continuity, throughout does not exist alone in a show independent age; whether we get TA with any TA what label, do not get out of the past, now abandoned. But behind in our free view, your behavior is also not the same with


second: Shanghai dragon and not do content, but we will only do the content. That sounds a mouthful of? We all know that content is king the truth, is not wrong. Think carefully, natural ranking is ultimately based on content above, but does not represent the essence of Shanghai dragon is the content, this is completely wrong interpretation. This interpretation also caused us to cram too much project personnel daily updated website content, pseudo original content, know the effect is very poor but also diligently to do. What does this mean? You are a trap to, you will update the content of practice is a pseudo Shanghai dragon acts as a target and task in the work, rather than for users to solve the information needs of the audience. Online there is a saying that Shanghai dragon Er is in manufacturing waste, although a little heavy, but we have to think about their own reasons. Therefore, the content should not be more important in quantity and frequency to meet, but to study the information needs of the audience through the website, features and maximize the advantages of professional editors (don’t let the hair of the chain to do temporary work). Even if you don’t write good content, brave to avoid, find.

in our industry is almost no real sense of the white hat Shanghai dragon. Any service advertised Shanghai dragon or white hat thinking is a kind of pseudo Shanghai dragon performance. Why?

Shanghai Longfeng optimization itself is not the so-called rule, is nothing more than you perceive some operation and performance of the law. The rule is in the search engine algorithm, not casually can anyone know, even in the algorithm engineer will not complete know. So today when you know the title keyword, the chain anchor text vote, cross chain pathway, URL normalization and so on Optimization factors are in fact the summary of the law, not to control algorithm. Therefore, it is difficult for you to get rid of the sense of the user experience for the reform of the station, because these rules are enough to make you fascinated by them, unable to extricate themselves.

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