Suit company network promotion is not equivalent to the market



we always used to advertising, promotional activities, what price promotions, new concessions, product advertising, belong to one of the market marketing elements, from the publicity channels, there are media, radio and television, with the advent of the Internet and the popularity of the network media publicity channels play an increasingly important role in this. The suit company network promotion has become one of the main means of promotion. Guizhou Mazzoni company to suit with the development of e-commerce, network marketing has become the preferred channel for selling products of many enterprises, some companies are willing to invest heavily in huge amounts of money to do business, micro electricity providers, aimed at innovation agent model channels to achieve the purpose of selling products. In fact, there are many enterprises have been trying to succeed, to become the industry leader.

is precisely because of the success of these enterprises, makes a lot of people think that the promotion and market suit company network promotion is a concept referred to promotion directly said network optimization means of promotion. From the perspective of enterprise publicity, marketing network have become the most important sales channels, if you do not use a lot of advantages to this channel for the sale of the products and services, but it is also a waste of resources.

article by Mazzoni: suit: 贵族宝贝mazuoni贵族宝贝, please explain, thank you

so in the product marketing plan in many enterprises, often suit company network promotion occupy a large proportion. There is a reason is that, compared to the media, television and other media publicity costs, promotion costs of network media is relatively the lowest, with minimal effort to get the best promotion effect this is who are willing to do.

from the perspective of the scope, suit company network promotion is just a marketing channel, is part of, so the two concepts are not the same. However, for some commodities, the main means of sales network, then the network promotion activities to occupy the market promotion planning for most of the content, this concept is between the two. However, from the current point of view, only the network publicity products enterprise does not see more, for the enterprise, marketing is one of the four elements of marketing, can not take and summarized.

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