The analysis of Shanghai Longfeng essential data 1 analysis drop down and search


1. love Shanghai drop-down box

through the above data analysis, how to improve We search: Shijiazhuang


Summary: analysis

love Shanghai search "sheep milk", the sheep milk list, the home page is a ranking list, why users will search? This is the content of the website can not satisfy the needs of users.

Shanghai Shanghai dragon ranking, we must be updated in our love to Shanghai according to the data, so as to make Baidu for us to sit up and take notice, so love Shanghai drop down and search data is related to a thorough analysis of the.

: from the above data we come to the conclusion, we can do ten keywords ranking, sheep milk brand. We are starting to do sheep milk ranking from two points of market sales and market share, so as to solve the core needs of users, improve our rankings.


> ?This is because the We are in a

only list a list, can not solve the needs of users, why should we believe? If you are a user would you believe it? We must let users believe that is the real thing to do, we are in accordance with the brand ranking, sales ranking, or price list, we need to let the user know that we are according to what ranking, but also to present the evidence (evidence of what is the industry’s most recognized industry data cited). Essentially, we want to tell the truth, not to deceive users. For example, mobile phone list, we can use Taobao’s mobile phone sales volume and price list as evidence, or with the authority of the platform (third party assessment agencies), so that users can believe.

solution: consider things from the user’s point of view, to fully meet the needs of users

love Shanghai development drop-down box is a solution to the user experience, can better solve the problem. The importance of user need to solve the problem of sorting.

decoration company

website is not very good to meet the needs of users.

drop-down box through data analysis, we draw a conclusion that, even if our website title and content provides users want data, or did not solve the core needs of the user, which means we search for "sheep milk" love Shanghai home appeared sheep milk brand that is good, but the drop-down list, or the emergence of these needs, illustrates the core needs of these sites is no good solution to the user.

(1) why the drop-down box home page keywords, website ranking, users will search


The benefits of

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