The four step is to learn to judge the value of the site webmaster

site is the reaction of the site will be eliminated, users for their own website how to love. So, for the webmaster, learn to judge their own website how the value is very important. For sites, users only love and stay on the web site long enough, will let the website value increase. Because when I haven’t seen a user does not love the site can get good rankings, the sale site can get good price. Today I share several judgments:

value methodThe contents of Good website > The value of a

two site

for the website content is the primary value judgment website reference object, because if the content of the website is not love or not by the user to provide users with valuable information, so the user will not stay too long in the website, and according to this website, to the user will also help reproduced share their website the contents of the ideas it is day dreaming. In the website transaction, most sellers will first look at the content of the website is, because the seller can stand in the user’s point of view to analyze their buy site has no value. So, how to judge the value of the site’s webmaster, natural content is one of the most key points, the garbage collection station many generally have no value at all, we all know that acquisition can be search engine rankings and included, but are long-term were casual, once the search engine is collected and found the content of nature for the impression of the site is greatly reduced, so the chief judge the value of the site, the quality of the content on the site is a very important point.

The quality of the chain

, a web site quality

three, the structure of the website interface

made the website friends all know the role of the chain is very large, especially in the number of the chain and competitors are almost equal, the quality is better than quantity holds the key to want to come. Outside chain a role of the most basic natural can effectively improve the stability is the website ranking and won’t appear today, tomorrow ranking dropped to no home. Of course, it needs a key factor, that is the chain need to have the respect of the quality of implementation of good rankings. So, to determine the site value for the owners, so the quality of the chain is very simple, you see the number of the chain of a website is more than 50000, but the site’s ranking is the highest is only second pages of words, other words don’t appear on the home page. For this site, the webmaster can see at a glance how the value of. If you insist that the site has a very high value, that I have nothing to say, after all the facts in front of the chain, so many can not get good rankings, it shows the quality of the chain is not a little advantage, row to the second page is just outside the chain by dozens of occasional general quality support. So the value judgment of website, the quality of the chain is very simple reference factor.

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