Shanghai Longfeng Optimization optimized case 1000 index keywords through Sina blog

two, for my users looking for a reason to leave him

half a month ago, when I was in search for the words "Shanghai dragon training" (I have observed hobby keywords ranking) found a Sina blog ranked in the first place to love Shanghai. Click to enter the watch, found some level of bloggers is established. He uses a Sina blog to a more than 400 keyword optimization to the home page, the first position, proved his optimization technique is feasible. This gave me a reason to believe it. I believe that many will have the same idea with me. So I whim, I always think oneself very powerful optimization. Why don’t I try, with a thousand Sina blog optimization index keywords? So the purpose is my design ideas. Some of the methods and operation.

customers find the reason to stay, to find what kind of content, then the next step is the actual blog optimization level, in fact, not have to worry about too much, there are practical examples for our reference, we have according to this blog ranking. To the layout of their own words, take your blog name, short sentence is plagiarism. Of course, we can not completely copy, but also for the effective micro innovation according to the characteristics of their industry. Now my blog is still forming, if you are interested, you can link into me from behind, to analysis a

2, with our own data speak, every year the number of trademark agents for most of the country


, the practice of drawing lessons from start.

,. We through his registered trademark helped him to complete a problem in the development of enterprises. So we can provide the contents of the above three points for the construction of the black line.

four, the blog promotion

3, we successfully help users to promote the success of the case, or we use the trademark to help users solve practical problems.

so, my blog will have a what kind of reason, let the user be convinced, let him become my flow? I do I want to register a trademark, the trademark registration to the home page keyword optimization. First I want to provide users find a reason to believe me. I believe that as a reason for the blogger.

! In fact, the most important is still

1, the top brand commissioned by our registered trademark. For example, Tencent, Wuliangye

the following three cases, the customer may we love

I decided to practice from the beginning from the Sina blog. From my heart, I see this blog, attract my reason, can put a Sina blog optimization to love the first position in Shanghai. The optimization technique is credible, the reason is our attention to it, at the same time, they often come here to see, I also contributed to its flow.

three, the blog optimization level

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