Step by step to share four Shanghai Longfeng job experience

this section for experience is the author in the candidate of a medical site of the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is a comprehensive strong work, the surface is very broad, including editing, program, art, chain and so on, some enterprises will pay attention to Shanghai, these departments independent, completed by the working group on several different division. In this small site site such as medical, general >

I graduated in 2011, an out of school I entered the Shanghai dragon army practitioners. However, Shanghai Longfeng this road is not smooth, just started after several twists and turns, is a huge blow, applying for a job in the biggest problem is just step out of the school gate we lack experience in Shanghai dragon. However, this a difficult job history is not without harvest, in this section of the job search process the more in-depth understanding of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners. This author in this paper will share four candidates of their own experience, hope to be able to help new people to enter the Shanghai dragon industry practitioners can better understand the Shanghai dragon.

this is a problem encountered in the Shanghai dragon service company in a professional interview when. Indeed, we do the final purpose of optimization is to get a better ranking, get more traffic and customers through the search engine. As a not a green hand, no relevant industry experience or practice successful graduates lack the confidence in this problem the interviewer’s. I answered as a social freshmen graduates may need more guidance and training. However, as the enterprise does not have the duty to train a has just entered the community youth, in front of profit I think owned enterprises are looking for a more experienced person, what to spend time with an inexperienced graduates? So, through this period of job experience, I think if you want to engage in Shanghai Longfeng work, then you should try to make a success in school.

this is the author of a foreign trade company to apply when the interviewer asked me a question. The problem we may often asked in the interview when Shanghai Longfeng position. Because you look at how Shanghai dragon will affect you after work. The Shanghai dragon is a relatively young industry, a lot of people with the same when exposed to the same industry feel that this is a "high tech" IT industry. However, the threshold of the industry into the Shanghai dragon did not imagine so high, it is in need of more experience and outstanding work execution, because we may feel in the days after the Shanghai dragon is a boring job. Therefore, want to engage in the Shanghai dragon must first recognize that some of the requirements of Shanghai dragon, only have a certain awareness in order to do this job.

first, what do you think of Shanghai dragon

third section, give yourself a process of adaptation

second, you can ensure our site

ranking? ?

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