The Taobao guest single page program selection and chain optimization

based on zblog and dedecms for example, compare the advantages and disadvantages of two programs and their respective internal simple optimization instructions.


OK yesterday, "wrote a Taobao customer experience quality analysis keywords again" 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110508/339590.shtml teach you how to analyze the quality of keywords, keywords, today to do stand, for a single product for the current Internet mainstream or single page program, what is the single page program? Some friends may not too clear, absolute single the page is only a single page, we say here is not only a single page page, but with the home page to the competition keywords, only the weights on the home page, this is the so-called single page program.

Comparison of two different

zblog is a ASP program, using the access database, dedecms PHP program, using the MySQL database. This depends on your program and you buy familiar living space server environment, if you are familiar with ASP zblog, zblog is a blog program, dedecms is a powerful CMS program, dedecms as powerful, customizable and a higher degree of freedom. This is a simple comparison, actually I want to say to choose what the program is not important, at present most of the programs are very conducive to the optimization of your choice. Here I said about do stand of my experience, to do a station you can according to their own choice, but if you do a station? How to do? This is afterwards zblog is relatively simple, because the access copy database can be used directly in the past. I will upload a default template, and then according to their own needs to be modified, such as getting rid of copyright, remove a >

you know, for the site, the weight is greater than the directory is larger than the inside pages, so some people use word do we use the home directory, very easy to exceed him, know the principle is to understand why so many home competition words are the words, why our procedure can be called a single page program.

Z-blog and dedecms all because of word of mouth for friendly search engine, resulting in a large number of single station using the two applications as the core, but not absolute, I have seen many people with N SDCMS, 5uCMS, Y in the old system, easy to move, EMLOG, WordPress, and even some people use discuz, shopex so do the optimization, as long as you are familiar with a program, in his familiar optimization can do you use this single station program, the fact that at present is frequently zblog alive is the case of dedecms, a program, such as shopex mall program, the effect is very good, there are ready-made examples online. In the interests of the webmaster I won’t come out for example.

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