Why love Shanghai not included your site

in the chain is also very important, if a web site in the chain to establish the reasonable when, it will directly affect the speed and the number of search engines included the content of the website, so the construction site within the chain is also very important.

3: website chain

The construction site of

as the saying goes, "content is king, the chain for emperor", indeed, the chain accounted for a large role in the weight of the website in. How much of a site outside the chain sometimes will directly affect its weight and included the number and update rate of Shanghai ping’ai snapshot. So a new station on the line, in order to ensure the site has some original or original content should be to the appropriate place to send some outside the chain, such as: Shanghai love Sina space blog and other places, of course, is also a good place to ask to send connection.

well, due to the time, today I’ll stop here, hope that we can learn from what, thank you.

2: the site outside the chain

website built after the first thing is to submit your site to this kind of love like Shanghai search engine, but submitted to the site, we wait for a month to love Shanghai still not included in our website, this is because of what


loves Shanghai and Google currently have search algorithm to make a corresponding adjustment, if we a new on-line after the acquisition of the contents of a large number of words, I believe this is the search engine is not love us, so here I still want to say an old saying that "content is king", right. If it is simply collected without any modification of the data love Shanghai is now basically not included, so your site can not be love Shanghai love. Oh, but if it is completely original waste of time, so you can try to do something for the original, the original data collection to slightly modify, such as the title of a modification of the class, so you can play a multiplier effect, the website is naturally easy to be included.

? The construction site of

Hello, I am a fish, because recently busy with a new station of their own, so for a long time did not send articles to A5. Today is free, so quickly to A5 and share with you a little experience recently this time I study it, I hope you do not. Oh

this is the 1898 film.


friendship connection is also very important, but can not blindly do Links, some websites not just on the line has not been included will often take website and some junk connection exchange and free website alliance websites Link Exchange, this is a very wrong approach, do not play to optimize the website, but also affect the search engine on the website of the weight and included the number, I personally experience again, so here to warn you don’t casually exchange friendship connection

4: Links

1: Web content

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