Website product search and manual optimization bidding

To maintain the normal optimization of

two, the product of keyword bid ranking, first of all to help you do the bidding agency will send you the products on the website and Related words as keywords for promotion, from bidding promotion, Google did not fall in love with the sea to the fast, a few months Google PPC in are not many telephone counseling love, and Shanghai just before long, every day there are several phone consulting business; then you will find whether or Google keywords they love Shanghai, help you choose a lot of their promotion of meaningless words, their purpose is to focus more attention paid clicks up rather than accurate customer clicks; the last is love Shanghai keywords by clicking on the link many of your product display pages (two pages) and not with the home page or product page on the website optimization degree is not very important.

a website, such as website, plus the original soft Links, on other sites outside the chain and so on, are learning by doing site; sometimes due to various reasons, or prone to problems, you need to maintain the background.

anyway if your website in PPC, can be combined with manual optimization, namely the promotion >

three, the ranking is not that don’t need to do what happened? Wrong, it is because of the keyword you have to pay more than the. I do: 1, adjust the PPC keyword, the keyword is not very precise and delete, plus the more accurate keywords, and pay attention to the change on these keywords; 2, each keyword click on the link to the home page (if he will pass the first accurate customer to the product page search related products), this will significantly improve the flow of home love Shanghai love Shanghai promotion website weight, the snapshot can also optimize the keyword page ranking; 3, increase the index of high click keyword promotion costs, make accurate customer can quickly find the information of our company.

June 2011 I engage in agriculture from a turn to learn website promotion, I am unwilling to learn website promotion, but in order to work or to study, now almost a year, basically rely on their own to explore one of the mysteries. It can be said now is almost layman. But in their own website optimization effect is good. Because of their optimized website is a new station, and the leadership of the company website Google PPC and love Shanghai. From the optimization of PPC and I have some experience, do not know is correct or not, please advice you webmaster.

four, increase the optimization index is low key efforts to make manual optimization and bidding optimization at the same time (you will find a lot of keyword index didn’t affect the bidding cost), so it won’t be long before many key words of love Shanghai to move closer to home page snapshot, some still in the first row, when the keyword snapshot is stable in the home page. Then you can withdraw from paid ppc. The PPC and manual optimization ranking combination, the overall site optimization effect is good, the love of Shanghai from the previous bidding cost about 50 yuan a day down to 20 a few dollars every day now, the effect is good.

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