What you do for Shanghai Dragon

I wrote an article called "don’t do" for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, remember for Lou loose blog, and published by, the most important thing is to get a lot of peer or across the Internet from the point of view of the comments, more comments, we do not pursue the Shanghai dragon the so-called technology, like a bunch of grass in the group inside the burning, but really there are so many people who are talking about some principle of search engines or views on the future? I think not much, not even. Once heard a colleague and I said such a sentence, the real Shanghai dragon master is his money, rather than in the AC group inside the streams of people busily coming and going talk about the ideal life.


code for a long time, Su Yong Shanghai dragon blog is abandoned and discarded, ranking has fallen into the abyss, in order to try not to fight the Shanghai dragon counterparts of the heart, so for everyone to explain this is not for the Shanghai dragon in this industry here, but hope to have more people to reflect on. The environment and work.

in recent days in the operation of a project, although many Shanghai Longfeng group or the administrator to gag and gag in lifting the ban, and even some reviled advertising, but when we finally settled down to see, although the exchange of mass advertising for you may have dissatisfaction, but the need for this kind of product buyers is certain to find a provider, sometimes exchange group is not only a technical platform, more should be a shared platform. In other words if you have such a good project and resources so you will go to do everything possible to promote their products, it will not in the group chat. Although I was banned, although I was reviled, but there is little doubt, as shown in the screenshot below, I will be a real profits and money. If you have a list of 600 yuan in the Taobao deal of the day, although the selling is a one-way link, love Shanghai is caught even so, you will find the original Shanghai dragon is gold, rather than simply talking about the technical level and free. Of course, these transactions and also thank my friend, because faith so sincere.

here, when we recall to the title of this article should be worth to reflect, what is the daily talk exchange brings to you? Is the promotion of technology or the accumulation of contacts or the promotion of products, I think most people don’t do one of the three points above, it is to use the free time to talk. My blog has been to follow the road to the development of network marketing, while writing is Shanghai dragon article, many people have doubts, my blog will not be ranked rankings, where the product no product marketing concept? In fact, the core point really but many users, the drainage way, my purpose only one is to absorb the flow, Shanghai dragon as a marketing product, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion. As Li Yong Shanghai dragon blog, will in many groups push better every day the viscous accumulation of users will be his own invisible.

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