Website optimization tutorial on how to construct a keyword Thesaurus


keyword thesaurus is divided into four steps: first is to collect the key words, then the words carefully screened, then the keywords test flow and transformation test is the focus of the finally keyword classification. As for the specific operation, I simply according to their own understanding about some ideas.

The use of

A, love Shanghai droplist, love Shanghai related search selection method, 3-4 layer can expand the depth.

The standard

2, the selection of high quality keywordWhat is the quality of

C, love Shanghai for the background, you can download the keyword search volume list.

1, collect three kinds of keywords

As for the

front, feeling for keyword dictionary is very necessary, but for the enterprise station, many times we for the keyword thesaurus is a very vague concept of time in front of share with friends is to talk about the user experience and keyword conversion, but a similar keyword thesaurus keywords lifting specific landing transformation operation does really not done before. At the beginning of the year, my brother is suggested a comb of the industry, focusing on optimizing the keywords selected some relatively high flow, his ideas are always more deeply than I look better and more forward-looking, here with such an opportunity and we learn together how to establish a keyword thesaurus.

See the night rate about the keywords thesaurus

E, development tools, such as Jinhua and after word, including the webmaster tools and love station network can be used to expand keyword mining.

keywords? Official statement is a little.

website optimization tutorial on how to construct a keyword thesaurus


D + +, brainstorming benefit by mutual discussion competition research.

To establish the

keyword will expand when we started to learn about Shanghai dragon has many methods, including:

may have some other basic methods, here is not introduced, here is a very useful method to expand keywords, the difference of the five methods is that the method can automatically unlimited expansion, we only require in accordance with earlier, find enough root. The idea is to build a excl form, the keyword root by vertical arrangement, then these words were single group, two groups, and free combination group, of course, this can be used to fix up function, develop very fast, may only take a few minutes, the idea, we can make the operation operation.

B, love Shanghai index keyword tool.

keyword is generally divided into three categories: target keywords, long tail keywords and brand keywords, since it is a collection of key words, these three words in general we are size fits all, but the long tail keywords are generally made of keywords root development comes, so to catch the key words root expansion method is correct.

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