The website snapshot can reflect what the problem is

; Since then

4, website down right. If your site is not updated snapshot, and even reverse the signs, this is usually a bad omen, explain your site optimization of a link to have problems, not timely remedy will lead to the right of the site is down

5, love Shanghai adjustment algorithm. Love Shanghai algorithm also means that the adjustment of website optimization way adjustment, each adjustment algorithm and the basic love Shanghai have caused large scale snapshot not update or even go back problems, this usually don’t worry too much about, but should pay attention to understand the new algorithm to love Shanghai and adjust their own website optimization method.

2, the website did not update the snapshot update. This is the most common in some weight high website and the enterprise website. Love can only be understood as Shanghai spider crawling in the process, before the not included the contents of re crawled and included;

generally, website snapshot is understood as the site last updated. But the actual operation, there are many kinds of situations:

website snapshot is an index method of the website itself. Although love Shanghai have stated that the website snapshot not standard as the site of the judge, but from the optimization perspective, which reflects the change trend of the website snapshot website and the current situation, to a certain extent, the webmaster for website snapshot is always concerned with.

The structure of

so, webmaster to attach great importance to the website snapshot in the end reflects what the website? To sum up the following:

website snapshot, then how can we keep the site

1, the website is not reasonable. The contents were updated snapshot but not reflected, only that the updated content not to love Shanghai spiders crawling or other reasons to love Shanghai to give up the spider crawling, for example, set up a website as well as the construction of plate chain;

3, website ranking drop. The snapshot is not updated to prevent website ranking drop, especially competitive keywords, if the weight difference is not the case, not updated snapshot will easily lead to direct website ranking drop. Although the decline is not large, but to rely on the survival of the site traffic, impact is enormous;

Signs of

3, snapshot update and website update. For example, your website update yesterday, and was collected, search the site snapshot today is yesterday, that snapshot update and website update is synchronized.

1, website update, snapshot not update. For example, last updated your website is February 2nd, and updated content has included, but the website snapshot time is still in January;

2, the content of the web site quality is not high. High quality content should be good for spiders, if you have to update the content, but also the spider crawling, but not included or included but not updated snapshot, it only shows you the updated content is not consistent with the spider’s appetite;

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