The three points of the website


if the site in the domain name, then every day we should statistics new domain names, for example included, for example included the old domain name, simply, as after 301, the old domain name included will gradually decrease, know the weight of all passed, but this time is slow, to ready, but will love Shanghai within a few months time will be the site of almost all of the pages to index a, then the 301 time should be a few months time, so this time can also promote the total jump through 301 attract spiders, to attract the spider crawling is also a good the way.

in Shanghai love search engine guide website to replace the domain name, domain name can maintain the old stable access as long as possible, to give users more time to remember new domain name, in fact, another meaning of this sentence is to say, but also to the spider some time to adjust to the new domain name, also should always check the address of the old spider visit, when the old address traces of spider visit fewer that weight is slowly transferred to the railway station, the log is also a good way.

2. ensure the old address access time

website is the most important to protect the original web traffic does not change, if handled improperly, it will cause the great loss of flow, and ensure the old and new domain name domain name to exist at the same time and communication is the key, 597 seedlings, 贵族宝贝597mm贵族宝贝 (original A5), website >

URL if the URL structure changes, then you must jump to a new address from the old address 301, this is like in the old house before the house door is unchanged, but the old door after the change into a new door, but the content is the same, so quickly let se adapt is important the significance of the 301 jump maintenance of the weight of the website, the old address 301, in order to ensure the old address under certain conditions to ensure that the user experience unchanged, such spiders also can quickly change their index to the new station.

first, you need to understand that the revision is has certain effects on the weight, this is like in the original address to build a house, re adjust the structure, each friend came home, to adapt to the new environment, so we must adjust the structure to reduce the influence of the 1 station network.


3. after statistics and attract spider

The use of The website data revision

when a website is established, may be due to some reason to be revised, which is the structure of the original site all the changes, in fact, when a website has more or less need to do some revision, then about the revision, what are the points we need to pay special attention to it, how can we guarantee the adaptation now the program website can quickly reduce, less impact on the weight revision.

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301 jump

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