Enhance the work efficiency of several tools Shanghai Longfeng personnel necessary

three, account management – free landing




so the chain resources look at a glance, landing is also very convenient, as long as we are with a click of the mouse you can easily log in, whether a lot of unnecessary time reduced by Q> in addition for us?

network editing tool is simple to use, are not described in detail.

post Dede in the background, often find the notebook edited content inside will appear uneven phenomenon, even word is the same, in order to solve this problem, A5 Tang Shi Junyu as I recommended a network editing tool, still feel quite good, today to share:

, a pseudo original tool – love Shanghai translation

content is one thing that every Shanghai dragon ER headache, regardless of their website or the chain, need to release content, in the station is relatively high, generally, or to the original manual or pseudo original, outside chain after all was released on their site, requirements are relatively low, so most people still choose to publish false original content, pseudo original tools are not what characteristics is upset about the paragraph order, replace the words, so the pseudo out of the original article is eye watering, no words is smooth, here introduces a pseudo original tools to everyone, this tool is Shanghai love online translation, through this tool to pseudo original, the quality than those of pseudo original tools better, as shown in the screenshot:

since it is doing in Shanghai Longfeng just cannot do without a day and those dealing with the blog forum website, a long time to the site a lot, management is also very difficult, often find the copy and paste the lost password, is a very complicated, is a waste of time, sometimes forget what is your password have no worries, landing this tool, we can fix all these problems. Download a free landing, add their own management website, account and password are preserved, then the chain account their classified management, forum, blog, question and answer form website-i classification, such as:

two, the editor – super network editor toolbox

is very important to do Shanghai Longfeng work efficiency, do many things a day, determine your site much of the proceeds, of course it is in a same premise, often find query website, see keywords ranking, a morning like this in the past; to enhance the work efficiency of every Shanghai dragon ER dream of ideas, in addition to the basic understanding of the concept of knowledge, we still have to make use of auxiliary tools, several tools here to talk about the Shanghai dragon must (purely own share):

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