Foshan Shanghai dragon on keywords strategies and skills

keyword meta tags is the golden key times ranking has gone for ever, but the key technology is still one of the key technologies of the Shanghai dragon well. They just changed the scope of application, Shanghai dragon will no longer put multiple keyword stuffing in the meta tag to get high ranking, but to find those keywords on the business of the most significant, and used to improve site traffic. The keyword is a word or phrase used in the user search related page, search engine is also in an index table to use the word. The choice of keywords is one of the most important task of the Shanghai dragon, but often lack of discussion and research. Without the right keywords, Shanghai Longfeng work will be less effective.

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browser to search what? Important keywords should be reflected in the Title tags, Headline tags, meta description tags (H1, H2), the anchor text text content and link in HTML.

even some from authoritative website related famous, the link to the website, if there is no cat text suitable, so these links have much significance? Can guarantee that a website is designed according to the search engine friendly way and development? Therefore, key words are very important, worthy of scrutiny, it is necessary to study how to find the keywords the exact.

if the page does not contain the keywords to search engine optimization, how to know to return the query keywords to search engine keywords? Is crucial, according to the terms of position, given its corresponding weight. Keywords to appear in some important places, such as Title tags, text, anchor text, near the top of the page text, Headings tags and highlighted text content; some minor places, such as Alt, text, URL in the domain name and description tag.

to understand what consumers are looking for information through search engines, there are many tools help identify those keywords profitable, so you decided to use those terms website optimization. This is one of the important aspects of the Shanghai dragon. Most of the Shanghai dragon company will guide how to determine the exact keyword terms. The best method is to survey the browsing, "how do you find our website?" if they say the noble baby, and then ask them what the word input to the search engine. Another method is to imitate the user input of your product or service to the search engine, and analysis in the top ten ranking website. You can also choose to use tools such as advertising words or nobility baby suggestion tool Overture.

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keyword strategy mainly includes keyword selection, layout and density. The purpose is to improve the page relevance. Shanghai dragon is about product keywords, so the selection of key words is related to the effectiveness of the work carried out in Shanghai dragon.

Foshan Shanghai dragon on strategies and skills (keywords and keyword strategy of Shanghai dragon):

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