How to do site optimization four Homepage Design

two, page title, description, keywords are

, the location of the 1 link: link arrangement determines the location of the link weight distribution, in general, the link near the head and the bottom of the link is the weight of the highest link, especially the head, "leading Phoenix pig stomach" is also used in web page layout, then integrated in keywords you should consider target keywords the location of the target keywords is arranged in a column, or page layout, choose according to their site orientation to

2, link arrangement: a number of links to the layout from the direction of the site to start, if you do a number of portal, then the link arrangement of course is not the same, if you are a business site, especially new sites in this regard, a number of links to websites should control the layout about 50. If the door is from the apartment layout website, website development and training site, as long as should from the direction of training, so here according to the specific portal involved classification to select.

Control of

a lot of title of the articles in a large number of A5 appeared, this repeat is called attention to this problem. How to make your own website title, how to write, how to write words are very critical, including writing column page title and content writing. Since there is a whole space, Iverson detailed share.

3, Links: personal ideas, new sites don’t change Links within 3 months, too many Links cases involving the right down, new sites like our children, she will slowly grow up, so we have to treat her like a child, don’t let her too early into this circle. Of course, this is just a metaphor, everyone should be aware of the importance of links, especially timeliness. The Links can improve your ranking, but it can kill, kill our children once, like children when they get sick, will grow up to face scars.

, a new link layout page

1, the title is written

1) Title: precise positioning precision is that considering the development of the website, your website is to brand development goals or directions depending on your site optimization scheme to the product development goals. According to the user’s browsing habits, if you are a brand publicity, it is recommended that the brand on the left side, if you are a propaganda "

when you integrate keywords, after sufficient analysis of competitors, then the station design will proceed to the site, the home station design is of course to consider carefully, our home page is the site of the highest page weight, so how to design a number of keywords, how to decorate the home, how to decorate the home page columns. How to layout the main content of this page? We should take the following plan, Iverson share their experience (for a new optimization scheme, the old station belongs to the site rectification plan).

!The number of

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