How to find the link anchor text sharing experience

has been the anchor text is the most difficult to obtain, some registered forum do not immediately after the signature, but it is more painful that higher weight stations are required to wait for quite a long time to do, such as Chinaz, need to use the gold coins to buy gold coins, light is not enough, also need to go get, because the Chinaz forum management, and basically is the second, is too fire. A5 station is better to spend 10 yuan to settle directly. But behind is not to say, where I was mixed up for almost a month just to mix (PS: a new signature behind the post, before 10 every day to get a card points, so a month or so will be able to get the signature), and is worthy of the name of Shanghai dragon why difficult, to rise to the level of college students from the primary level to obtain the signature, which is accumulated 500 points, and later also can only sign a name, not much sign, the specific rules can go to Shanghai dragon why Bangui, I spent a few months to obtain, because Shanghai dragon why are basically is the second. You remember this, the more difficult to obtain the signature, the more is the best.

is mainly analyzes several standing forum signature for everyone, and the light above resources >

took my own station, before the anchor text is the main channel in Shanghai love space, Sina blog, Tianya BSP blog, as well as some industry website, forum signature, Links these places, but recently, due to the love Shanghai space BSP blog included poor will give up the anchor text, link to get the place is only in the industry Web site, BBS signature, Links these three channels, and the general industry website is poor, Links Replacement Limited, so get the channel is only a forum signature, I own to the forum link are less dependent, so the 10 signature forum, most of each forum 3 about post, is the anchor text links about 30.

May 2nd love Shanghai adjustment malpractice is manifested, the anchor text is less, relying on the original keywords website weight up to now, basically lost a lot, and now the way, it is just to increase the anchor text, and how to increase, will have to rely on their own channels, I recently a few days are constantly looking for relevant forums, or a blog, of course, can also be added inside the library, there is a lack of compensation to do a bookmark to anchor text.

a while ago, because love Shanghai big update, resulting in many stations are hurt, I am no exception, the main keywords fall, traffic has shrunk dramatically, I think many owners are unable to avoid, not within the scope of our control. Something is indeed known unable to control, this time we seek is to change the. The last algorithm adjustment, I have seen some webmaster said now text link is very important, and the original anchor text of the flying dreams I want to say with you here, the anchor text is equally important, even in the above text links.

In fact,

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