Why Google PR still does not update the reason where

is currently China, we rely on love Shanghai more than Google. Of course, except for foreign trade website. Each of the work of foreign trade website, whether commercial or promotional marketing or money. In recent years, gradually increasing the number of websites on the internet. The same new challenge is required to treat each search engine! Focus on all search engines is to create high quality search results. So write a few small suggestions for reference, in order to reduce our website update algorithm by search engine impact.

PR this year, if not, what should we do?

3, do not be too dependent on search engine. To do their own websites a powerful social media community. Try to build a loyal.

1, through the historical statistics found that Google PR update time is usually at an interval of 4 to 5 months. So it is likely that in mid July will be updated.

Google and love Shanghai, is to purify the Internet, reduce network garbage, but also a user interface and do clean series of adjustment. During this period, we are likely to see their website problems.


every webmaster and blog is eagerly waiting for the next Google PR update. Many people are asking what will be in the 2013 Google PR update? Forecast before all kinds of being broken, so I think it is necessary to write about these topics. Well, we see the trend of the past, we all know that Google PR update time for every three months or 4 times a year. In 2013, the first time after confirmation is updated in February 4, 2013. If we summarize the previous update trend, the 2013 Google PR update should be in the first or second week of May. But now is July, we did not see any signs that PR has to update or update. The following may be due to some reason and that Google delayed PR update:

2, Google is busy in the update is called "search algorithm Penguin". Matt · is responsible for the Webspam team; Katz confirmed that in May 22nd has been updated 2.4 penguins.

1, website content must be meaningful, fresh and high quality content. Pay attention to the original and quality, rather than quantity.

2, learn and use the white hat Shanghai Dragon technology. We use some illegal black hat Shanghai dragon technology.

3, on a site to see, Google this year will probably stop PR update, the main reason is to reduce spam. If many webmaster analysis done by Google update. Google will find the website is to make some adjustments. If Google really pause the PR update, the webmaster will have to wait and see the results. The real high quality sites do not need to worry about. Not to PR and rejection by search engine.

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