The problem of optimal solution over how to do

excessive optimization for those eager to put the website ranking optimization of Shanghai dragon and practitioners is for those just learning Shanghai Longfeng novice, these optimization personnel are often quick, is to optimize the site through improper means, although these cheating can see the effect in a short period of time over a period of time, but as long as the search engine detection after these pages will be quickly deleted, even K off the entire site, this is the final result of excessive optimization, and usually these means can be avoided, even in the search engine punishment can also through timely correction for search engine well, then how to avoid excessive optimization website optimization on the road and find out the reasons of excessive optimization site and timely solve? Is actually very simple, but you are not to seriously practice…..

two, high density

      this is mainly manifested in the keyword accumulation site of < title> and < meta> tag, some people always think that the title of the website repeatedly add a keyword can get a good ranking, this is essentially an error that is the key word accumulation the search engine is very offensive, either in title or in meta, this is considered cheating! For example: "Jiangxi Nanchang Shanghai Ganzhou Shanghai Longfeng company professional | Longfeng | – Jiangxi Shanghai dragon | Nanchang Shanghai dragon | Jiangxi Ganjiang Shanghai dragon training – the most professional Shanghai dragon training company" this title if I were you shot him one hundred times is enough, so the water level still dare to play professional training in Shanghai dragon the company’s slogan, not too embarrassing, so these should be the novice webmaster should pay attention to what specific solutions is to optimize the place right over to the site, and to update the site, so you can get from the new search engine recognition site will be a quick recovery!

      Web site keywords high is mostly due to Shanghai dragon optimization personnel deliberately to cause the keyword layout, a game like this is worthless, once the search engine has detected the cumulative lead time deliberately keyword keyword density is too high will immediately on your site for punishment, the attendant is the site drop right, site included drop or is not included, the most terrible is the direct K station, the high density of keywords is often an important cause of excessive site optimization, the solution is to make the key words appear naturally in every part of the site, don’t can go flat tile, and the normal range should be in 2% – 8%, of course, this is just a tool to give advice, or according to the specific circumstances of a >

  in general, the reason of excessive optimization site mainly has the following points:

, a keyword

This is the website of Keywords

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