The search engine changes on 2011 several important foreign

at the end of 2011, as we optimize personnel, every day there was talk about search engine events. But in 2011 this special China outside those events to re create the search engine or search engine optimization in this market? So we look in 2011 This matter should not be delayed., what are some important search engines and Shanghai dragon event.

Google update new algorithm



: Google panda update

Update the panda algorithm

four: YAHOO Site Explorer close

two: Google search

as a part of YAHOO and Bing cooperation, YAHOO has closed its chain query tool Site Explorer and suggest users to use Bing webmaster tools in November this year. YAHOO Site Explorer is actually Google webmaster tools was launched a year or so, and as many optimization personnel using tools. YAHOO Site Explorer can see a competitor’s site, and is a free tool.

secure socket layer (SSL) search is Google launched in 2011 the encrypted search function, this function allows users to encrypt their search results. In October, as long as it is in the Google user login already use the default encryption search. The search for our optimization personnel is Shanghai dragon tools we analysis to search confidential data related to also can not query, including the analysis of Google’s Google webmaster tools.

is Google search engine in order to improve the quality of search results better. But in the update Google panda algorithm in 2011 for many webmaster or optimize the staff assembly a lot of problems, site ranking and traffic are significantly decreased. Some have no immediate use this algorithm to update the site had to change their business model.

more than 1/3 about 35% of the search results by this algorithm updates Google fresh affect. The fresh degree of algorithm for the site of the content of the proposed requirements, more.

query tool With the development of

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks, as well as the development of Google this year started a social networking site + nobility baby, social signals of social networking sites are being incorporated into the ranking of search results and factors affecting our search ranking. Facebook and Twitter are integrated into the site, used as a corporate image to simple processing of customer feedback and positive and negative information. The noble baby + is the most potential for the influence of the rankings, it is Google’s own products,

three: social signals into ranking factors

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