Z blog perfect transfer to WordPress tutorial


Z-BLOG system are all data:

Note: please buy Linux host


school friends blog, column page format such as 贵族宝贝***.net/ of Shanghai dragon /

many friends just set up a blog are based on domestic excellent blog system: Z-BLOG, after a period of time a lot of people want to move to WordPress, transfer for many reasons. The main reason is that Z-BLOG Xuepeng long time no official blog maintenance and upgrading. We all know that a free open source for the others in the system, over time, the virus will be more and more loopholes, without official maintenance, the system will be eliminated.

plug-in management — and then click on the right side of the MovableType plug-in management, the content is derived, as shown in figure

Z-BLOG to install the plug-in

before the transfer station of data backup, it is best not to transfer in the space above, it is best to buy a new space, data replication in the past this new transfer. As is normal and does not affect the access failed website can transfer after the failure of several tests, to achieve the best effect. Strive to transfer foreign website time seems just the name that re analysis of the effective time of 10 minutes.

transfer plan:


Li Xuepeng here to highlight, pay attention to export data.

plugin: Z-BLOG perfect transfer to wp-movabletype transfer tool

page format: 贵族宝贝***.net/post/123.html

Download the


Zblog into the background – plug-in management — from the local import ZPI file – select (movabletype.zip), and then submitted, as shown in the figure, after the installation of plug-in enabled.

column page radical can easily set in the WP program in the background, but to the corresponding page format that is more difficult. Such as Z-BLOG address in the 贵族宝贝***.net/post/123.html after the transfer to change text >

initially Xuepeng also find a lot of transfer case, data on the internet. Finally find some summary began to shift, the transfer process is not so easy to imagine, encountered a lot of problems, especially the transfer system URL address after the failure, a problem, this is a great blow to the Shanghai dragon.


Enter the

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