We love Shanghai when will K off the brush click form of cheating

? implementation;

, a random click, our software using real simulation click way, completely random, more real, more in line with the user search habits, so that your ranking is more stable and reliable;

I of this article, may offend a large group of people, but the heart inside out. Love in Shanghai last month 21 28 consecutive K, many webmaster friends do hard shot. However, there is a group we all know is cheating on the site, but live very moist, not ranked. I’m curious, why not love Shanghai K website that cheat? This will only make us these small owners a chill.

this mode of concealment is that he is a manual click, and before the acquisition, machine cheat mode compared to his more subtle love, there is no way to identify Shanghai.

four, click on the time, let every click, the precise distribution to each hour, the precise control of the amount of click every day peak, more in line with the user search habits.

three, according to the region to click, with regional words only allows this area IP click, more in line with the search engine data. Such as: Shanghai real estate network, only Shanghai area IP click

so what the how to solve this problem? I think about love in Shanghai about "user experience", I think this is the right direction, but some details on the standard is really in line with the "user experience"? This standard will only bring more of the user experience.

two, exclusive mode, an IP address, only one day to perform the search time, is not shared with other users or other keywords, so that each click independent distinction, let click more safe;

so, the author thinks that the "click" to reduce the weight of the website is very necessary. Indeed, a user’s favorite website is really more clicks, but when people use this way to cheat, love Shanghai is not the adjustment algorithm of

I know there is a cheat mode, they are using Shanghai to love the user experience, users click on the number to the weight of very high vulnerability to cheating, simply speaking, is to simulate the IP, simulated, and even some big bucks please some people to click on the manual to help each other. The following specific mode of operation:

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