The trusted rebate network how to do the first

1. the choice of keywords. "The rebate network" such keywords love Shanghai index is 40857, the competition is very big, I now fell 56, many giants are staring at the words! What personal webmaster have the strength to compete with them? Or get around these unrealistic words! Collection and analysis of the long tail keywords related with the rebate network when the conversion rate, the choice of keywords and love Shanghai index is the key consideration, through analysis and selection, I finally confirm the use of "rebate network trusted you". The word love Shanghai index is about 3000, and continues to increase, more than 1000 independent IP every day, the conversion rate of more than 30% registered users, is really a worthwhile optimization keywords.


Increase the chain

rebate network mode by the biggest reason webmaster favorite has two points: one is viral promotion. Users recommend people around the registration may be rewarded, or are generally divided into cash, so users will take the initiative to promote the site; two is a particularly strong viscosity. Rebate network added a lot of incentives in the unceasing renewal, such as attendance reward, reward, share share baby experience rewards, so the rebate network PV are very high, especially strong viscosity. Because of these reasons, do the rebate network is more and more, this seemingly egg cake is growing more and more attractive, but really to people is not much. A rebate network belongs to Taobao customers, just a part of the Commission to the user, so we earn less profit, want to have a large number of users, and the only way is to increase the user’s promotion. About the rebate network promotion, to personal ability, is mainly Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng low cost quick is keen on this. This is to say that the rebate treasure is how in a short period of time to "trusted rebate network" to Shanghai’s first love.

2. program selection. In addition to program function can satisfy various demands of the rebate, also must comply with the rules of Shanghai dragon. The rebate treasure has been used as a lot of Taobao off the program, the advantages of the program is: with the needs of users will continue to update the program, have better customer service service, security level is high, with the Shanghai dragon rules. You can use the 360 website security testing and love Shanghai Shanghai dragon tools check, this program is safe and has a good score in Shanghai dragon. There are also many online free and cracked version of the rebate program, individuals do not recommend the use of a safety is not guaranteed, there may be some Trojan; two is a security vulnerability or find what defects can not be updated, that is not customer service service. All these problems in the future will cause a lot of inconvenience, waste more time and energy.

3. If there is no money to buy links, there is no time to write text, then check your competitor’s anti chain from what place, one by one, even every day, an increase of only 3, days and months multiplying a lot. This is the added advantages of anti chain match selected weight is relatively high and very stable chain. There are sentences

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