Through the station of Shanghai Longfeng difficult to do a little bit of reason to break the bottlen

the other day and re read "magic journey", Chen Xuanzang wants to be the Exorcist has always been that the lack of the master so little, although Chen has boundless love, but because of a little love and always do not have the ability of the Exorcist, which got the idea of the optimization of enterprise website, overall the system basically are very perfect, the final blow is less then a little bit more, cause the enterprise website optimization can not meet expectations, or even enhance the site’s ranking, but there will still be enterprises earn less profit flow, embarrassment.

third, higher requirements on enterprise search speed optimization, enterprise leadership optimization has a good effect, so often for the optimization of personnel will be put forward higher requirements, so that they can to achieve a breakthrough in a very short period of time, so that the site to achieve profitability as soon as possible, but do enterprise site optimization is actually not let them stew, fast fire fry, so the idea of the error often determines the enterprise website from the start is difficult to achieve. But some enterprise website in order to reach the boss requirements as soon as possible, even at the black hat optimization method, which would allow enterprises to stand into the dark abyss.

second, the increasingly fierce competition in the enterprise website optimization. As a corporate website, the consortium behind the will directly influence the search engine optimization market, because as long as the enterprise website in Shanghai love or other search engines in PPC, and even some popular keywords, often more than a dozen companies ranked in the auction, Shanghai love home search sites are basically out of these enterprises the station, even if it is Shanghai dragon again how to optimize the staff, also tend to be of no avail. So this is the enterprise stand up Shanghai Longfeng optimization relatively difficult important reason.

then why enterprise station would be so difficult to do? And basically got Shanghai Longfeng optimization consensus, if it can have a lot of reasons, but may have the following reasons, a little bit of bottleneck and breakthrough enterprise website optimization, actually need from several reasons for this.

fourth is the enterprise website traffic conversion ability, many enterprises pay more attention on the website for the website ranking, website traffic conversion not hard, this also and business leaders on the website ranking of importance, "

first, constantly improve the search engine itself caused the enterprise website optimization difficulty upgrade. With the rise of the domestic 360, love Shanghai a dominant advantage will gradually be weakened, if the search engine only to expand the advertising effect, and do not pay attention to their own technology, the advanced algorithm will naturally be eliminated, so the search engine with the fierce market competition, the search engine for website content quality requirements have become increasingly high, the website model and framework will also be search engine very close attention, which requires the enterprise website to have comprehensive and original ability, for the enterprise website, high quality content often reluctantly, this is an important reason to cause optimization of the enterprise stand.

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