Through the analysis of Shanghai Longfeng principle to analysis techniques and taboo

the most important, we must remember to use legitimate means, now many websites in order to improve the ranking, with some unfair means, we give a few examples, some websites have minimal keywords, then a lot of copy on the page, or to repeat the amount of keywords and a background a color, even with the mirror site, the mirror site is a lot of similar or even the same website to connect to your own website. This practice is very dangerous, once the search site found, will be permanently removed, want to recover, it is not possible. So we must be cautious.

The principle of

said the taboo, come to talk about how to use reasonable and effective methods to improve their search rankings. First, we can increase the chain import from our own site, so a lot of cooperation and other websites. Secondly, now the search engine has paid advertising business, we can buy it, though it will take a little money, but as long as there is value for money flow. Finally, after the optimization of key words, to observe their ranking patient, if it is around the top, don’t worry, this algorithm belongs to the normal fluctuations, but if it has been in decline, we must be careful, it said "

to improve traffic to your website, we should strive to make their own search site before, because we have had this experience: we often don’t turn to the search site to see page second. From the principle of search engine, they are using advanced, complex algorithms to rank search results (of course, some unscrupulous website ranking in the search results), to the front, and not a coincidence. Today we are going to introduce the Shanghai dragon is to improve the ranking of the magic program. Although as far as we know, now the search site will from time to time to adjust their algorithm, but in the long run, the search engine algorithm used in fact there are still some rules. As long as we can grasp the rules of search engine, it goes by Shanghai dragon to advance their alignment results, improve the flow of access, of course, finally increase the visibility and benefits of our.

generally, when we design the page, the engineer will tell us that even if the site do better, if not for the search engine optimization, the site does not have much traffic, the so-called search engine optimization, we often say that Shanghai dragon, such as you in love in Shanghai. No input end to search for something, here there will be a lot of options, you must have been attracted to them click experience. In this way, to attract more traffic to our website, we will be in Shanghai dragon on the next time. If users continue to search our website, because the first thing a lot of people on the Internet are open Chinese love Shanghai, but it seems in the world, the noble baby also accounted for more than half of the amount of search, the other is YAHOO, Bing and other diversion, this is really a good idea, but it requires a lot of manpower and materials.


finished, we take a look at the steps of search engine optimization.

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