Why do say that subdirectory station is superior to the sub domain

(1): low starting point is the most serious challenge, the equivalent of a new station for a long time need optimization to increase the weight, unless the master weight is particularly large, such as "***.baidu贵族宝贝, **.qq贵族宝贝" and so on, the search engine will give a certain weight. But most of our webmaster, and a few can be a domain name made popular brand? So the author suggests that the choice for the construction of grassroots webmaster sub domain name website, sub directory of the web site is far better than to choose or select the top-level domain name can inherit master.

(2): key competitive pressures, now all walks of life all over the site and most of them were too many to count, select the "WWW" domain name to build (the World Wide Web Service), and you can choose their own complex trouble in construction among the domain name >

2, sub domain: in fact, I do not recommend the grassroots construction sub domain name of the site, but still have to say about its characteristics: expanding the website domain, similar to the construction company subsidiary. As the extension of the current Tencent, love Shanghai, A5 etc. large websites need to conduct business, so the construction of a large number of sub domains of different types of web sites. Because of the well-known brand, so the sub domain site is more likely to be accepted, but not as common as new sites need to gradually take root. If it can be optimized, the reason why the website or sub domain and website, independent domain name and Directory:

subdirectory subdirectory: if the construction site, the first to have a clear understanding to the master station if there is enough weight, then go to the building. If the host are not what weight, or K, has been blocked, this time the construction of the website also persist in wilfully and arbitrarily subdirectories, things must get. Therefore, the construction of sub directories, weight level master directly affects the inheritance to the sub directory of the web site. Therefore, in the construction site, the sub directory of the web site although it is a new station, but will continue to master the advantages and disadvantages of partial weight. The sub directory of the web site the higher starting point, but also more likely to get the ranking, perhaps this is the search engine optimization in "Aiwujiwu".


from the theoretical view, whether sub directory construction or sub domain construction is the construction of a new website, so the weight is not high and low points. But in the actual operation, the two face search engine to give the weight is different, mainly in the period before and after the website optimization:

in the construction site, there is often the need for a branch of the construction of websites such as: Information Station Construction Forum, what is the choice of sub domain or subdirectories? Many webmaster to falter, I do not know how to choose good. Some people say that in the optimization of both shares, search engine is not what special distinction. Some people say, large website construction site sub domain are superior to subdirectories, but I said to the grassroots webmaster here is superior to the sub domain website directory. Why do you say that? Is not boring spell, or from the webmaster perspective seems thin.

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