Website optimization four common optimization problem and solving method

3, analysis of the search led the longing to grab principle, to the contents of the website forum.

is a web site collected decides whether the site to search engine friendly. The ascension of the amount collected reflect the content of the web site search engine recognition, and that web content has certain value for the user to read. But also we often meet included quantity problem, although there is a lot of experience in similar articles on the network, but also can avoid the problems included. Many times your own web site started included are normal, but the overnight site included zero, according to the analysis of the normal sense, your website is zero, then there will be no snapshot at the same time, we can identify the site was K. This is a big problem we do in the optimization often encountered, so how to solve the

1, check the website code, to see if it is a horse or was hung dark chain.

growth frequency and speed, adjust the chain growth frequency and speed, eliminate the roller coaster rise.

in website optimization, every day we will encounter this kind of problem, the most worrying is the site appears inevitable errors, such as the website does not open, the database connection error, the site was attacked and so on, these are affecting the normal operation of the website of the executioner. But despite a series of uncontrollable factors in the controllable factors, we do optimization also encountered problems similar to influence website development, such as web sites are K, is right down, down and so on these is also included in website optimization killer. Today the author’s own experience about how to optimize the response to common web site optimization problem.

, a collection of cleared or by total K



2, Links check. Timely remove affected bad link removed the sooner and faster recovery.

space is stable, timely replacement of the unstable situation, don’t slow, one day a day.

snapshot not updateUpdate of the 5, the use of

spider crawling spider crawling simulation check whether smooth.

4, check the site outside the chain of

website has been a snapshot of the special let’s headache, because nobody knows what time the spider to crawl the web, what is the principle of spider crawling, webmaster do optimization analysis to just rely on some common sense. The snapshot is not updated, prove the spider without renewal in the database of the information of the home page, and the snapshot not update also let us know your home page there are some factors not conducive to spider crawling. When the many webmaster to snapshot not update is continue to increase the chain to solve, in fact, I don’t think so, when the search engine began to abandon your home page, the search engine optimization method that began to your site in doubt, if not disposed of in a timely manner, resulting in the website for not updated snapshot, you update the content cannot reach the seconds. Under the pen.

6, check whether the

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