EBay eBay free shop in the Taobao raidHow can you develop new tracks from the first CP of Tech video

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

, while talking about the choice of CP, Wang Ziru explained three criteria: first, cross-border areas priority


" New Year’s Spring Festival business season is stimulating sensitive nerves of online transactions. Yesterday, the rival taobao announced to continue free after three years, eBay eBay suddenly announced that will launch a "free shop" price adjustment plan, eBay became eBay CEO after two months has been silent Wu Shixiong finally lit the first fire new officer.According to the

in addition to its own bottleneck, another reason for the transition to do MCN, in fact, ZEALER mastered channel resources and their own production does not match seriously. As the first CP in the field of technology video, ZEALER has enjoyed a full flow bonus. In the channel resources, with 40+ channels, and every month more than 600 platform promotion bit, but for only CP party ZEALER, in fact, is insufficient production capacity. On the other hand, as a small CP in the field of science and technology, it is often impossible to get effective traffic, not to mention liquidity.

days ago, ZEALER announced the extensive science and technology short video MCN strategy " ZEALER X, will use the "Pan Technology short video will create the first way of life science and technology platform, which has officially declared the ZEALER transformation of the road.

" the need for clarity and the maturity of conditions are key " for ZEALER to be successfully upgraded," Wang Ziru said in an interview with 36 krypton. Specifically, ZEALER and content creators in accordance with the different ways of cooperation, there are investment, contract and settled in three modes. At present, the brand strategy upgrade two months, ZEALER has invested 5 incubation CP, signed 6 CP, settled in 10 CP.

‘s transformation in this trend, MCN has become the best way to break the ceiling of these head CP. After all, for a head content producers, whether it is vertical uplink from short video to do big movies, or vertical down do content conversion, electricity providers, content payment, there are very high barriers. As the transition from PGC to MCN He Xian uncle; and large with a small Papitube, the pan entertainment track so as to lower the ceiling technology track also with, this is Wang Ziru’s important reason to do the MCN ZEALER upgrade.

, and for advertisers and users, from the content transformation platform, you can avoid the monotony of the content of homogenization. For users, multi category content of different CP offer gives users more choices; and for advertisers, with the content of matrix of a more complete platform can play the role of integrated marketing.

MCN organizations have shown a trend of "letting a hundred flowers bloom". MCN, from WeChat to micro-blog, has become a stable and indispensable source of content for video, short video or live broadcast platforms. In the Red Sea, MCN playing tricks, in different fields and different vertical incision on the full range of marching, such as office scene cut onion video; TV video headlines deep character; do beauty fashion beauty.

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