The league is down and the 21CN coalition is down to 2 peopleFor all Wangzhuan novice and veteran w

first class of people, many people know there for a long time do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, also for a long time. But I didn’t make any money. I think the first reason is the problem of executive power. For example, the author has just started to do Wangzhuan too, see a lot of projects, feel very simple. But he never did it himself. Although it is very simple, but there is no hands-on, for example, there are 100 yuan on the ground, the action is very simple, but you did not pick up, and this 100 yuan is not yours after all. Such a time, the result missed a lot of opportunities. Result in Wangzhuan removed for a long time, looking at other ID earn yourself a flow of oil, or to earn. So, after all, execution is the first factor here. Only to do, you can really into wangzhuan. Slowly, you will gain experience. Naturally you can make money.

second kinds of people, many people’s execution is also very tough, but the result is not as good as the first kind of person. Although the first category did not make money, but did not lose money, but I said today that these second types of people is losing money. You may be depressed, do Wangzhuan will lose money, do. And many people have lost it. How do you lose it? Do not do any research on a project and begin to do it. Some even have to pay training fees, or you want to buy software programs, and what kind of research, the results of such studies are not studied, Grandpa Mao is still out. The result is imaginable. If the 3 investment projects are not making money, so we can imagine, after what he estimated Wangzhuan don’t believe. Here to tell you is that, for a higher project, do not blindly follow the trend of. We must personally examine his feasibility, especially investment Wangzhuan, must not blind.

          Web Alliance the decline. The bustling gone, when each union is bustling,

owners are also living in rich multicolored decorations, less than a year, two days apart. First league 21CN alliance. Operation team heyday 30-50 team. Millions of transactions per day, now the SP slump. 21CN coalition Department cuts all. Leave only one light pole, commander to support the facade of the union.

          webmaster network collection of the domestic league platform Daquan www.admin5/union  into all alliances. Only 60 leagues.
          who will save the station; who will pull the League down?. Expect the morning light, my heart is still. Special remembrance of the lost 21CN Alliance



third types of people, executive power also has, but it can not persist for long. Listen to the project today and start investing in this project. Tomorrow, when you hear about the project, start investing in another project. As a result, one didn’t make any money. Time, this principle in primary school grade two, we have been taught by the teacher. The monkey picked the watermelon and went to pick corn. There’s nothing in the end. I want to say is, for a project, if we have a good analysis of his feasibility, it must insist, as I do Wangzhuan. thank you AD, www.wangzhuan8.i>

‘s Wangzhuan is two years Wangzhuan attention. Of course, this time, for many old Wangzhuan master, perhaps a very short time. But this more than 2 years, I have been concerned about a lot of Wangzhuan, did a lot of Wangzhuan project. Today we want to combine their experience, say why not earn money to engage in wangzhuan. Whether you’re a beginner or an old hand, look at some of my ideas and experiences, but I don’t think there will be any harm. Here is some own list not earn money Wangzhuan typical, we welcome the exchange.

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