Several problems must know the success of Taobao customersRice and vegetable roll give some suggesti this web site, you can check to participate in Taobao’s special cooperation website of the latest 10 transaction records. I used to use this URL to estimate the approximate income of a successful website.

all right, bullshit,

today to some of the things you want to Wangzhuan novice who should know before some suggestions about making money online with everyone:

1. is best not to do some Wangzhuan novice

5., I find the business is personal webmaster, I will be at a very low price service, because I think if not professional station, don’t put too much

product selection is only a beginning, can be sold into money, is what we want. Different products have different ways of promotion, in order to increase the conversion rate, it is necessary to try to focus on products. Don’t make minor mistakes, as I wrote in my last article: promote clothing with an oral health web site.

is saying that one day without studying is too late to catch up with Liu Shaoji. In order to have a good harvest, one must learn the experience of successful people. Only in this way can we learn from each other and analyze the success of successful websites.


sees many examples of successful Taobao customers making more and more Taobao customers. Many people rush into the horse, and after a period of operation, they find out where the money is not so good. If you do anything, you must know enough to do it. The so-called enemy, only more in-depth understanding of the Taobao customer can do it.

share a few of the Taobao bulls stations I saw:

1., I’m not selling tutorials, so please don’t follow me for a tutorial

the last time I wrote an article "Why study Wangzhuan tutorial you can’t earn money" after a lot of new friends with me, and then are asked about Wangzhuan things, there are a few points I want to notice:

Wangzhuan tutorial spread everywhere can find some people make Wangzhuan tutorial, but these tutorials are uneven, some tutorial recording lisp, vaguely, some tutorial exaggerated, these things are largely to mislead the novice friends. Another one is the most published tutorial project in fact can not do to the number or the operation will make money, usually this kind of tutorial is issued to the author or propaganda apprentice training what like, so novice friends after reading the tutorial to learn to think, people must have their own thoughts, or you forever it will not grow.

2 traffic make money, buy and sell traffic, suspend traffic alliance, through the volume of cheating click.

3 service to earn money >

5 beware of fraud – many shops are super sinister, with high commissions, more people, lower commissions, or use other cheap methods to avoid commissions. When in soliciting business, but not out of commission, it is wishful thinking jingle, not only do expect another whore.

3. do the station first, there is no good RP, in this circle, you don’t mix long

2. see tutorials, think about

on your website visitors, or text readers, think what they love, to match up. A lot of people can’t do it right now, including me.

1. pick out good products and stores.


a good beginning is the beginning of success, and the beginning of a good walk, you can do half the work with half the effort. Choose a product or store, preferably with the following:

1 commission is high – understand your purpose: make money.


click, voting, coding, and this kind of don’t say money is not money, I said you can earn, but novice generally not so patient, this type of return alone Wangzhuan cycle will be in about 50 days, and no guarantee of what. Earn $stand is a foreign station, requirement of speed is also higher, so many novice to do this after a week to give up, so give your line to the Commission most beginners are recommended by others connected to know these click station, so I suggest a new hand or don’t do these so, blow my confidence.

1 Alliance make money through the union to make money, more common, do most of the station is GG, do not do regular station, most of the temptation to do CPA, SP has failed.

Wangzhuan: all make money through the network can say many types, I not say out

3 store reputation high – high credibility, can increase the credibility of visitors, and the credibility of the high store customer service sales experience, the transaction naturally higher.

3. analysis money model

2., I’m not your teacher. I’m not obligated to teach you anything. I’ll give you as much advice as I can,

2. for the product to do the appropriate referrals.

4 want to be online – and if you don’t always do it online, it means that your customers who have pulled it out have a quick look.

2 more sales, good feedback – low sales mean bad sales, poor feedback means that you pull hard people look at other people’s comments on the left.

wants to be a successful Taobao, and the 3 thing must be home,

4. does not understand the first sh419, sh419 anything, do not say you can not search

3., by analyzing others, learn from each other.

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