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the best time to start a business, there will inevitably be a bubble


Abstract: with the combination of traditional industries, enterprises should pay more attention to making money rather than burning money. The purpose of the Internet is to unify the world, which is decided by the characteristics of the Internet virtual products, and traditional industries are bound to be unable to dominate the whole country, which is also determined by the product. Aggressive death, cautious, will burn entrepreneurs bear

Beijing daily reporter Li Lixun since the beginning of the New Oriental CEO post, Chen Xiangdong’s entrepreneurial project has been a concern. On the evening of September 22nd, Chen Xiangdong’s online education project, "with whom" officially appeared, rumors that it will enter the field of K12 education has been confirmed.

Abstract Chen Xiangdong revealed that the current "who learn" project only for Beijing users, and then gradually to other cities in the country to do promotion.

at the policy level, the country began to consider the economic transition, so it is necessary to eliminate some of the high energy consumption and pollution of the environment of the manufacturing sector, to encourage innovative enterprises and service industries. For this reason, a series of preferential policies have been introduced in the financial policy and business guarantee policy, for example, encouraging start-up companies to make financing on the small and medium-sized board, and facilitate the withdrawal of VC and PE, effectively stimulating the investment enthusiasm of VC and PE.

no doubt, since 2012, China has entered the best era of entrepreneurship, which is caused by several reasons. The popularity of mobile Internet, so that the total number of Chinese Internet users in 2 years, doubled from more than 300 million to 600 million, which provides a user base for Internet start-ups. Secondly, the combination of Internet and traditional industries brings unprecedented opportunities.

, former CEO of New Oriental, Chen Xiangdong,

, and even some local governments and VC, PE joint investment innovative enterprises, investment guarantees, and even for the loss of business failure to pay the bill. Thus, a huge wave of entrepreneurial surge hit, in such a two – tier cities such as Qingdao, you can often encounter young entrepreneurs. And in the coffee shop in Beijing, you can see young people wearing glasses at any time to talk about starting a business.

D told me that entrepreneurs in Beijing have been everywhere, one by one. But entrepreneurial atmosphere is very impetuous, and this is undoubtedly a huge bubble. He said, there are three back from abroad after 90, there is no detailed plan of entrepreneurship, the product has not been developed, but the opening will be 10 million, only investment companies accounted for 5% of shares. When he questioned such a valuation, the young entrepreneurs said, "you don’t know the Internet. It’s already cheap. When we go to such a platform, you can’t grab it."

from the course type of view, this is a typical K12 online education products, covering primary, junior high, high school language, number, foreign, science, chemistry and other major disciplines. Interest courses also take up a large part of the proportion, but also includes ceramic, leather carving, Tai Chi, parkour and other non mainstream courses.

on the last day of the Spring Festival, it was lucky to have some entrepreneurs with Qingdao and a senior investor, Mr. D, to talk about entrepreneurship and investment, and to chat, so that the heart of the rock was deeply touched. The chat let me hear a lot of VC true story, verify that I have written more about the Internet business point of view, but also further lead to deeper thinking.

in an interview with the Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters, Chen Xiangdong revealed that, who is currently learning only for Beijing users, and then gradually to other cities in the country to do promotion. When asked about the difference between learning and good teacher with 365 competitors who, Chen Xiangdong said, the platform is not very clear, I think, since we do is to help parents to find a good teacher, the parents have many such needs, we joined together, will be more better parents, teacher service".

D said, "it’s good to start a national venture now, but too much encouragement for college students is not a good thing.". As college students do not have the experience of work, and now the business has been unable to Bill · Gates entrepreneurial era, then the entrepreneurial technology is entirely

! Mr.

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