The development of nternet advertisement and enterprise network marketingDon’t be crazy to see what

what is bitcoin?

who is the creator of the project, nobody knows. Only know a name: Nakamoto Satoshi, is a japanese. After the successful release of Bitcoin, the man completely disappeared from the internet. Since then, the project has been maintained by two former shlf1314 engineers, even though they both claim to have never seen Momoka So.

Does the middleman of

and the main factors that affect the development of online advertising include the following:

bitcoin project, as early as 2008 when it was born……

– BTC for the first time by people like real money like, in 2010 May 21st, a nickname for Laszlo, with 10000 BTC then equivalent to $$25 to buy a Pizza coupon, human history will not happen again in this situation: someone selling a coupon for Pizza for three years. After I found a "file" in his hand the value of 1 million 50 thousand yuan, in less than three years, up 42 thousand times……

now the Internet has penetrated into all walks of life, the progress of the network will lead to the form of the competitiveness of enterprises, many large and medium-sized enterprises began to pay attention to the network marketing, have established the enterprise website, by means of network marketing is the largest advertising investment in the network, and the most common and most of the form is the site of the picture FLASH, and text ads, I think that if the strength of the enterprise can start building a network marketing department, lay the foundation for future market competition, market competition in a variety of forms of network marketing.



3. network. Now the monitoring of Internet advertising often appear false and inaccurate, I think it is mainly due to fraud and monitoring technology of network advertisement intermediary and delivery website is not mature, which restricts the development of network advertising to a great extent.

my personal blog: site planner Wang Bin is eager to communicate with his webmaster friends to learn

advertising accurate positioning technology introduced, let me more firm Internet advertising will become a traditional enterprise marketing new strategic point of view. Site planner



yesterday saw the news mentioned Tencent launched advertising precise positioning system, can be said to be a major innovation in Internet advertising technology, so different users in the website login can see different forms of advertising, better services for advertisers.

by January 3, 2009, the first bitcoin BTC was born; 10 days later, the first transaction was born.

2. network advertisement make wonderful advertisement plan like traditional media?.

recently, on bitcoin Bitcoin speculation relatively fire. According to Mt.Gox the world’s largest bitcoin trader, a Japanese company data show that: in the evening of April 9th, bitcoin exchange dollar suddenly soared, breaking 200 U.S. dollars, is still rising. What is the concept of this number? Review earlier this year, 1 bitcoins can only be exchanged for $20. To put it in the stock market, it is the creation of the world myth! Chinese for bitcoin investors is still relatively unfamiliar, even many people have never heard of. What exactly is bitcoin? Where does it come from and how does it work? What can it do with it? Can it bring opportunities for Chinese investors and entrepreneurs?

bitcoin and U.S. dollar exchange chart. As at 15:00 on April 10th, 1 BTC maximum exchange 240 USD source: Mt.Gox

bits" is a computer >

1. advertisers in traditional industries understand and understand online advertising. According to my observation, most traditional enterprise network knowledge and the development of network technology has led to serious gap, the traditional enterprise understanding of the network remained at the initial stage, so the understanding of advertising on the network is relatively insufficient, the choice of advertising media is more emphasis on traditional newspapers, TV etc..

how was the birth of an unmanned currency,

/ 2008, there is a domain name,, which has been quietly registered anonymously. In October 31st of the same year, a paper published in Usenet: Bitcoin design paper; 10 days later, the open source community appeared on a project called Bitcoin, a doomed to subvert the world open source project.

Monitoring of ad effect in

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