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second, apply for a few blogs, put Taobao guest code. Blog content is basically what, what kind of ranking, or is directly attached to Ali mother’s code. Then watch the backstage every day. The money hasn’t been paid yet, and the blog has been sealed.

this procedure is to lead to a small light, such as open by native App can see the travel express, taxi ride, etc. the main menu page also shows the surrounding vehicles etc.. The home page in the small program is the most direct departure destination, the destination input box and the button option for calling the special car. Therefore, small program development must be to light, only the first user service, and design to try to cut off all the irrelevant side.


doesn’t precipitate users and data: just because it’s "run out", which leads to small programs that fail to precipitate users and data. Once the user or data precipitation, small program is meaningless. In addition, social flat >

positioning behind three characteristics: light up, no precipitation users and data, services direct

may be due to Taobao off the official publicity, and you sell the tutorial, write text advocate because of what Taobao customers monthly income of over 10000, what college students can not find work for Taobao customers a monthly income of 5000, each story makes people excited, for a time, Taobao guest blossom everywhere. Even one of my neighbor’s younger sister couldn’t help temptation and threw herself into the vast Taobao army.

from the station feeds, A5 starting, reprint please, thank you.

light up: Zhang Xiaolong has always adhered to a product concept, "let users run out."". The meaning of this sentence is not to reduce the function of WeChat, the first expression of WeChat in the expansion of the function of caution, two basic logic is that every user does not like the function must not harass the user. In fact, simply speaking, is to protect WeChat social functions, although I need to develop ecological WeChat heavy, but the social core can not touch.

fourth kinds, everywhere hair soft Wen, but soft Wen only a few words, and then is a string of Taobao guest code. Forum posts everywhere, everywhere was closed, like to be a thief.

‘s first kind, like my next door sister, is a cute, non mainstream girl who is also keen on Taobao shopping. I recently heard that Taobao customers easy access to money, was in the space to put a lot of Taobao customer code, and everywhere to friends in all kinds of products in various forums were risking ID everywhere posts, although very hard, but every day I complained to the background or no income.

as a living near 800 million WeChat launched heavy products, small program has not yet been born, has gained unprecedented attention. And Zhang Xiaolong specially in salute Jobs’s January 9th officially released, also showed in the WeChat square, Tencent side to small program attention degree. Since the various articles on the web about the small program all over the place, actually to the product manager, more entrepreneurs, the potential beneficiaries of the entity concerned that small program opportunity, how should we do?

third, basically build web site, download a set of API program, the title is generally Taobao shopping guide, Taobao, women’s clothing, Taobao, such as crown daquan. Good luck, a few words row up, perhaps to earn money but most of the space domain, the domain name space and money is wasted, and pay so much effort.

because of its positioning, delineated a small program, three major features: light up, not precipitation, users and data, services, direct

WeChat official on its 8 words positioning: within reach, run out. As to the WeChat platform with small program to share traffic, it is necessary to master the positioning of WeChat official on it, it will not develop into half half, suddenly found that their products with a small program to the framework of eco logical conflict. These eight words determine the small program, is to fast response, short service. In addition, social applications occupy a large number of people’s lives, the biggest feature of social users is lack of patience, after all, chat is its first priority. Therefore, a small program must first set a tone, that is, quick response and short service, any conflicts of services and content should be discarded or reduced later.

Taobao customers seem to have a low threshold, and they’re not. It’s really difficult for a new person who knows nothing about the website or SEO. Instead of spending so much energy watching the duck every day, it might be better to do something else, or perhaps to spend more money. Even if you still insist on doing Taobao customers, but also must not superstition online tutorials or cheats, everything yourself thinking, in the end how to improve traffic, how to improve the transformation.

Taobao can really make money, but few really make money. Most people stare at Ali’s mother every day and look at the big duck the day after tomorrow. I’m not throwing cold water on everyone. I’m telling the truth. Just hope that everyone will recognize the situation and not be confused by appearances. It will waste great time and youth. Next, let me talk about the suffering of Taobao customers:

small program for them, the significance of the strategic value of Tencent? Small program? The subversion of the small program on the mobile ecosystem? Doesn’t seem too important, and how to make good use of this opportunity, in the days of live 800 million on the WeChat platform, to create benefits for your company, the store is the most concerned about the.

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