How do networks make money using shlf1314 search trendsGame over ah mama’s ad

3, let your web page rank as high as possible: make a linkwheel, and then add some comment links.

4, and sh419 to engage in, on the site included unfavorable

1, advertising website is too slow,

2, let this page be searched by shlf1314 as soon as possible: add links on some popular 2 websites, usually 10 to 30 minutes, and your web pages might be recorded by shlf1314.

1, as soon as possible to create a web page: you do not have to spend too much time on this page, just search the Internet you need to do keywords related content, and then tidy up on it. As for advertising, it can be placed on the free blog.

today, I took the initiative to put ah Mama ads down, and later do not want to engage in mm advertising,.

3, now applying for shlf1314 Adsense is not so easy, without shlf1314 Adsense accounts, it is recommended to use Amazon, eBay or click bank to make money. Someone can make $more than 100 for a web page created in half an hour, of course

this method should pay attention to:

3, stand by K, and freeze revenue

, game, over! Ah, mama’s ad!


my website IP less than more than 400, less than 20 yuan a month,

networks can not be separated from the Internet, but also inseparable from the web site. We as a SEOER, you need to pay attention to key changes, and brought traffic on the network, so shlf1314 shlf1314 hot trends search trends we have to care about of course there are other keyword rankings, here we mainly say is shlf1314 search trends, so that we can change keywords. The main idea of the article is to show how we can make money using shlf1314 search trends.

2, low advertising fees,

shlf1314 hot trends inside the hot keywords, many are suddenly rising, such as a person name, or a place name, or something. Before no one use the keyword search, that is to say less that itself in the presence of the shlf1314 information, if you create a web page, do optimization it is easy to make your own content in shlf1314 search in the top, to get a large amount of traffic. If you also have links to some Clickbank products above your page, you may earn a small percentage of the commission. There’s another reason why you’ll be at the top of search results right now, because you’re new and shlf1314 loves the new stuff. Thus, the whole work is simplified into two parts:

programming network, webmaster Xuan, even if called me to cheat, do not want this money,

2, for each keyword, should first look at how many of your competitors, shlf1314 in quotes, you can search. Try to choose less competitive keywords to do.

1, itself this kind of traffic is not long, usually in a few days time, you in the shlf1314 ranking will go down, or you are shlf1314 to delete, after all, your content is not of importance.

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