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the ins and outs of the moral debate


search for "Jiang Hui: apologize for the irresponsible remarks in class today", you can see the recent debate about the moral bottom line that collects money within the team. In the post, Jiang Hui apologized publicly for his inappropriate remarks and rewarded 5 outspoken students. Su Dikang carefully read the post, and asked a friend carefully, and generally clear the ins and outs of the matter. Su Dikang believes that it should cause Wangzhuan the importance of peer network to make money ", should adhere to the moral bottom line".


in fact, now the webmaster, not a few dare to clap his chest, said his hands absolutely clean. shlf1314, Adsense, cheat, steal articles

there is a story in which a young man has a very good life, but he is sad every day. Jackson asked him to put a spoonful of salt in the glass. He said it was salty. Phil Jackson told him to

in the difficult journey of IT entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs should maintain "heart wide", as the saying goes, heart width is a blessing, but in the road of entrepreneurship, heart width is not only a blessing, but also a force. An invisible force that can help you succeed. Here are some tips and ideas for sharing.

it happened on the night of November 6, 2010. Since it was Saturday, it was the time of the internal VIP course for the benefit of the exchange, and the members of the group as a member of the seminar explained the problems such as "how to get the original website and how to get it". The end of the lecture, Jiang Hui also shared a little, and throws an inappropriate remarks by marriage personals website to get emotional articles. Specifically, is released through marriage personals revelation, collect the candidate’s personal statement, organized into the original articles, or go to the zhubajie essay, can get a large number of original articles with a small amount of money.

, but for people who still work in the IT industry, it’s really a challenge. After working in the IT industry for a long time, everything will not be that difficult. But really start the business, you can find, really difficult. The most direct manifestation of the IT industry threshold is not high, but also lead to a competitive situation. People in the steady flow of money, but you can only maintain basic expenses, how to break through, repeatedly into trouble, probably IT entrepreneurs often face the situation.

mentality is important,

The moral bottom line of money making on !

IT venture hard

, some students expressed dissatisfaction and contacted Jiang Hui directly, expressing their personal views. A student directly said, "the statement of marriage partner", belong to "play with others", and zhubajie essay method is inappropriate on moral. Mr Chen Huimin, a partner at the exchange, was unhappy with the statement, saying it was "very disappointing."". Jiang Hui saw his apology after the post, Mr. Chen Huimin issued a document specifically "Chen Huimin: pupate into a butterfly pain", expressed his views on the issue of money network moral bottom line: "now the community, shareholders, partners, team, students put forward higher request to us, they hope that we are the most prestige and the most responsible, the most dedicated", "this is not opportunistic for the style".

After the inappropriate speech of

no matter what we do, there must be a bottom line. The bottom line is the bottom line. If you’re only content with the "bottom line", it’s not enough to grow and develop. The higher the understand once mentioned in his memoir, when he was in the higher has just started, his teacher is against him to engage in color flow, that flow is not clean, once the color flow, who have a wash away the stain. But understand, then did not listen to, in order to maintain the profitability of the team, he tried every means to make traffic everywhere. Later understand, walked through this stage, recalled, unfortunately.


entrepreneurs, especially pressure IT entrepreneurs, mentality is still very important. Good state of mind will not lead to bad outbreaks, good mentality in order to allow entrepreneurs down-to-earth. The Internet is not blocked the road ahead of you stop sign, the Internet is not a permanent residence to make you sad. The Internet is full of opportunities, but it needs entrepreneurs to keep it in mind and relentlessly follow it. Especially in the face of the Internet there is no technical breakthrough, there is no fresh business model, but also the lack of new funds into the market, in such a period of adjustment, can stick to the position of people can become the final winner.

therefore, in the face of repeated difficulties, as IT entrepreneurs you can adjust the mentality is the most important!

ten years ago, even sharpened into IT business, that is an opportunity. But in recent years, with the continuous decline in the price of IT products, various types of sales profits have declined year by year. IT industry is becoming more and more difficult to do, but also more and more difficult to do. The current IT industry sales, is no longer with a salesperson can fix the talk rapidly. The popularity of network development today, what can be searched, not only the transparency of Taobao prices, product knowledge can be searchable. The tools and techniques that may be used by sales are revealed one by one. It seems like a joke, but it’s also pathetic.

as the saying goes: "everything is difficult at the beginning.". Entrepreneurship is the hardest thing in the world, and entrepreneurship is difficult, IT business is even more difficult. Facing the huge food chain in IT market, there is always a lot of difficulties and difficulties. Entrepreneurship is great, but entrepreneurship is bound to hit the wall. In the face of the "wall to wall" process, IT entrepreneurs should actively adjust their mentality. So where do you put yourself,

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