These cock day of the founder of why investors say NOHow can the small and medium sized websites obt

2, the amount of investment is not appropriate; everyone for the valuation of the project is different, and the same as the blind date, really can not talk about it do not talk about it.

8, accepting investment will lose momentum. may be a failure, the pace of development is the so-called suffering can not be willing to

3, accounting for too much stock, affect the future financing; let the later investors how to play

talks about "advertising alliance", I think webmaster friends all know, they are all more familiar than me. It is a source of revenue for most websites. Now there are also many advertising alliances both at home and abroad. In the domestic do better, more well-known also have many. I’ve read a story about the value of Internet advertising in China at 14 billion. Such a huge number, our small and medium-sized sites should not think about how they can get more?.

1, the investment population monument is not good; this is the legendary villain, angel, bragging, do not give money, stealing secrets, everything tube……

, but there are third other types of entrepreneurs who refuse to invest.

once said that there are only two kinds of entrepreneurs in the world. One is to find investment, and the other is not found.

they abandoned the investor to throw the olive branch, not bad money, do not accept the reasons for investment in two aspects, one is because the entrepreneur’s heart for the wind or refuse, two is because investors are not "good", even "thug angel".

3, do not want to be diluted equity; the core founder of the start-up company must have absolute control, must not be reduced to tearing, tearing, tearing the situation

4: corporate strength: the strength of the advertising alliance has always been the main pursuit of the object of the site. This is related to whether the website owner can get his own meager gains on time.

1: integrity: integrity is the basis for the survival of the advertising alliance, as an advertising alliance, I also see very important. So webmaster friends before joining, must to their friend webmaster to understand.

7, to raise all their own chips to solve the problem of funds; sometimes take VC’s money is valued VC other resources

advertising alliance is composed of three parts: advertiser, website owner and advertising alliance platform. Advertisers pay advertisers for the actual effects of online advertising. Website owner is through advertisement alliance platform, choose the advertisement of the website that suits him, hang advertisement of advertisement of the advertiser then, increase one’s gain. That is, the flow of the site into their own income.

comes from entrepreneurs:


4, arrival time or condition is not appropriate; >

early Ma said, the Internet "winter", I think a lot of people in the industry will feel this is a joke at the time. Later, the outbreak of the financial crisis sweeping across the world, so that the entire Internet has suffered a heavy blow. The operation of many large and medium-sized websites has been affected to varying degrees. All slowed down the pace of progress. What’s more, our small and medium-sized websites, our small and medium-sized websites in such "winter", how can we continue to operate, how can we have more profit?. This has become the focus of urgent solution. Then it is very important to choose an advertising alliance which is suitable for your website. Before joining, webmaster friends or have to do the relevant investigation. Choosing a good advertising alliance can refer to several principles:

1: "shlf1314 Adsence": when it comes to the shlf1314 advertising alliance, everyone knows it well. This is absolutely the best advertising alliance "

6 is not clear about the pros and cons of VC. there are too many white entrepreneurs who are VC by

don’t want to be bound; some investors love on the backseat driver, fond of teaching others, the company’s business operations personally sent. Investors can put their roles into what are the mother tube

2: payment time: payment time is considered as the most concern. If you just start doing it, then you’d better choose some payment cycle is relatively short, and now there are a lot of Advertising Federation will be paid in weekly way to attract the owners of the League plus

3: advertising content: advertising content is related to the vital interests of the site, the webmaster can choose according to their website positioning for their own advertising content and alliance.

1, we are not bad money; Qiantu startups total investors want to follow, but often these companies are not bad money, if made the financing action, is more likely to need other resources, rather than cash

comes from investors:

, 5 enterprises have the "secret sorrow", do not want too much information to be known to the world the amount……

4, although bad money, but investors do not give money in the wrong way. investors want the money to come in fast and fast, and the entrepreneur is going to have to catch a long line.

frankly, the advertising alliance is good or bad, or to the user to experience it. I will be familiar with some of the advertising League lists, and share with you. Let’s talk to each other. Let those who enter the line of novice less detours.

below, from these two aspects of some of the reasons for refusing:

10, no money; but there are many tragic experience: don’t ever spend money to change in

9, give too much money; I do not know starving eat chinese. But the money is too much, sometimes it is not a good thing, for example, there will be decoration office, go abroad, such as the construction of the group of scattered energy

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