What kind of garbage station does the stationmaster make most moneyFirst the collapse of the first

, however, from the previous 100 million yuan financing bicycle A round of investment is convenient for you, v-mobile. Tencent reports, informed sources said, as with the ofo from the campus started by you, the future will form a synergistic effect with Mobell Mobell, the main high-end market, by bike you want to seize a large number of users in the low-end market by way of free deposit. In addition, your bike will launch 5 million bicycles in the first tier cities in the year, especially in the cities where ofo is heavily paved.

personal website to make money, in fact, very early, many people thought of doing garbage stations, a lot of garbage stations to attract traffic, so as to earn advertising fees. But there’s no denying that a lot of people look down on this dumpster, and here I think it’s necessary to sort out the garbage stations the so-called garbage collection,:

shared bikes seems to be on the big news of contracting the internet. In June 16th, v-mobile announced E $600 million round of financing, share the bicycle "wind" has not stopped. From the v-mobile investor Ma Huateng Zhu Xiaohu in the ofo investor’s circle of friends a message, "because there is no need for their investment and distorted, as we voted ofo certainly not optimistic about this mode must be changed to" share the bicycle is fengshengheli field.


fourth, a variety of professional trash, garbage station I will recommend doing this, so that the positioning accuracy, but here we are also facing a problem, what industry garbage station, naturally, to comply with the rules of the game, not reactionary, not pornography industry garbage station is best yourself familiar with the industry, rather than blindly follow what the industry to make money to do what industry. For example, A project has 100 people to do, advertising investment has 100 yuan, not necessarily 100 people each 1 yuan, but B project 2 people do, advertising investment 10 yuan, not necessarily a person took all 10 yuan. Here, the A project looks like advertisers like to invest so much, but you’ve done great business in real combat >


here, of course, is the personal website to make money, after all, non personal nature of the site, there can be a dedicated person in charge of the division’s special responsibilities.

is seen by Ma Huateng as "PHS" and "dumb terminal" after, from the media out of a "real operation verification ofo intelligent lock the whole process", through actual combat dismantling, pointed out that ofo is "pseudo intelligence"". In the silence of ofo in Hudui Ma Zhu finally caught opportunities to sound, with a full expression package article for a return from other media, also invited the media authors door lock removal.

Abstract: Although the wind is beautiful, but also have enough strength to step on. This strength comes from a startup mode, background, product quality, capital ownership and other dimensions, a lack of the game.

third, thief procedures. Many online everywhere, a problem, and is a very serious problem, the thief procedures are generally use regular expressions to get information, and maintain the thief procedures, it is not easy to say the truth, once the target site changed a little code, you have total paralysis. Moreover, the thief program is not very moral, and no one will advance and target station said, I want to link your site resources and so on, so this I despise it, can not use this procedure to do garbage station.

the site navigation site, no time, doing their own play, no matter, but directly with site navigation procedures available on a domain name space directly thrown then put advertisement wants to make money, or save it, does not update things, some people will not come, unless you have the local resources. Such as Internet cafes, or software resources, such as something like windows in the system tray, but it will be spurned by the people, although some people may not so hate, but after all, is hijacked. This is the type of site that you don’t like to do. But I don’t think it will be too difficult to apply for an advertising alliance.

has the v-mobile like ofo eat crabs, blue bicycle, riding in Yongan, Hello bike, then cycling quickly in their admission, outlet, to share a cup of soup. However, in the whole sharing bike industry, the process of Hurricane dash, has experienced the battle for color, the market has been too saturated, capital and entrepreneurs with human and financial pile up >!

although the acquisition is not established, but since 2017, v-mobile and ofo as the first to carry the banner of "bike sharing senior game player", has conducted a number of fierce fighting. From the free ride, the red war to the first debate in the media, investment people began betting last year on "ending the market competition" ending battle, after the year completely started.

but in ofo with words from the media, v-mobile quietly layout of the overseas market, announced on June 22nd in Japan, and set up a branch in Fukuoka city. In June 23rd, according to Tencent business news, v-mobile will finish on your bike recently acquired by. But the v-mobile bicycle CEO Wang Xiaofeng denied, he said, "we have been focusing on continuous improvement of user experience, accelerate the pace of expansion of city, there is no plan to buy other bikes."

a real garbage station, even I also despise, what is the true garbage station, is you a personal webmaster, learn to do what others Sina Sohu TOM, an integrated portal, if 23 hours a day spent on it, you can maintain a good, content, I approve, but yes, as a personal webmaster, you can spend 20 hours a day on a website? Certainly not so much energy! Finally, widely used data acquisition results, it really became a waste recycling station, what kind of garbage collection. This is the type of site that I’m absolutely against.

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