KK Fu Sheng dialogue inspires Entrepreneurs how to get rid of 3BAT shadowEntrepreneurship is prepari

as an entrepreneur, I do not care about the future of KK learning futurism theory, I care more about some down to earth entrepreneurial thinking, for example, how to start-up companies looking for opportunities to companies and competition, how to face their own growth, especially in the China 3BAT pattern, you know.

Fu Sheng’s understanding is more popular, he calls it "differentiated competition", that is, looking for a new division of labor". Fu Sheng told a case: Kingsoft battery doctor, a typical example of edge subversion. This category is actually created Jinshan, no attention from the beginning, and now on the iOS MAU monthly active to do 30 million, Android easy to do billions of dollars users.

China Internet has been in the shadow of the tycoon, the first three major portals, and later BAT, now 3BAT. It seems to be entrepreneurs not open around the mountains, and the industry has been trying to promote the platform enterprises more open to entrepreneurs, some way out. But the question is, what about the entrepreneur’s own mentality,

startups can also have consultants


companies can also have problems such as "auxiliary", and some related formalities, the company registered financial and business scope, entrepreneurs often have great enthusiasm, but the lack of professional knowledge in various fields to lead "".

in the KK and CEO of Kingsoft Internet Fu Sheng in the dialogue, I got some inspiration, this dialogue is a rare KK down to earth, for a large number of cases, from the industrial revolution to the era of the Internet, Fu Sheng also said a lot of revolutionary history, especially their home products is estimated to Chinese internet live in the most difficult the. Now, with my own experience and understanding, some of my inspiration will be sorted out.

2, how to get rid of the shadow of 3BAT centric, rely on new and old system collaboration.

said that entrepreneurship may fail, but entrepreneurs life is doomed to success; someone to comfort the candidates: diploma but a train ticket, sleeper or hard seat, hard sleeper and finally had to get off the ticket for standing room, looking for work, the boss is not too concerned about how you come, and pay more attention to the "what will you be".

breaks down every subject and goes to the top of the gaokao. The only way for entrepreneurs to get on top of the industry is to make every subdivision of the service project colorful.

I was most inspired by

apply to every subject to each kind of problem are all broken, repeated practice, it will be more smoothly through the college entrance examination. Entrepreneurs are the field of differentiation of each item several attempts, batted changes in the market, the needs of users, each branch are of delicate and sweet, the likelihood of success is close to one hundred percent.

‘s point of view. KK’s exact words are that margins are low, unreliable, small and risky, but these marginal forces will grow and eventually subvert the industry as a whole.

editor to say, entrepreneurial success or failure, life does not depend on a business failure or glory, but often to the success of the last to declare the value of life; students on which school can’t decide what you will, but also can provide better for you to go to the province a lot of effort in vain, "what will be" learning opportunities.

for an entrepreneurial team, once the registration problems, almost all planning will be delayed, those who provide registration services for start-up companies who, Shanghai cattle Island public

college entrance examination can have a variety of counseling, because it is more professional, the students in the existing knowledge on a solid foundation to make targeted enhancement, can greatly shorten the struggling time, students can also will reduce unnecessary detours "".

startup experience from 0 to 1 in the process, must be a single point of breakthrough, from a breakdown of the field to highlight the core value of self, then push away, eventually connecting more "single point" segment, gradually forming a network with energy accumulation.

"segmentation" is never wrong,

but I have a question: I’m sure to choose the edge, but how do you know if you choose today’s edge, will become the center of the future? Maybe it future more edges, or simply disappear, the scene is very want to ask KK, but no chance.


if the venture than into a college entrance examination, the failure may be OK, but success is still a better start, entrepreneurs how to prepare for this "overcrowded" entrepreneurial tide?

this Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly, hereinafter referred to as KK’s trip to China, I am very concerned about. In addition to taking pictures with stars, I paid more attention to some interviews and conversations with KK in China, and had the privilege of attending a private dialogue with only 20 people attending.

you have experienced a bitter struggle, crossed the threshold again and again, and finally stepped out of their position, the bitterness of this, only you can know.


1, how do small companies challenge big companies? The answer: subversive competition comes from the edge.

OK, continue to adjust the state, killed in battles, is a true portrayal of the majority of entrepreneurs.

KK talked about a lot of cases, from steam ships in nineteenth Century to Honda’s subversion of GM, to IBM, Microsoft, and shlf1314. In my understanding, KK to two points: first, the more close to the center, large company resource deployment is more focused, more close to the edge, the more weak points; second, the center of tomorrow, will be produced in today’s edge.

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