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four, if you do not have any technology, but you are very popular with people, you can also help manufacturers to introduce customers, from which to earn some referral fees or intermediary fees.

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in recent years, China’s online start-ups have been boiling hot, many people, especially a large number of graduates just from school, want to rely on a computer to carry out their own network career. Because this does not need to invest a lot of capital, because China appeared Ma Yun this person, because there have been many outstanding webmaster!

no one was surprised at Shipper’s success today. He was a computer whiz kid when he was a child, and he was favored by many companies when he was a sophomore. But he did not accept those positions and chose to stay at school. He said, "I haven’t finished my studies yet.". Now, after his first company from scratch to leave it to Shipper, the harvest is not only the degree for startups and young businesses in the growth process needs most is what also have their own cognitive.

, if you will write the article, then you can go to contribute, tens of thousands of people a month part-time writer, is published in the website hits! But this literary basis is very strong, and very sensitive to clear logical thinking.

, however, relies on a computer to make money, so easy? We analyze the current China network in several ways: the most fire


two, if you can graphic design, 3D design, programming, web design techniques, you can do so on the Internet orders. If you have these so you can also try the proficiency in a particular line, the design of enterprise website LOGO, LOGO, etc..

seven, that is, I am the best long, website, whether you are meaningful or garbage station, you can rely on it to make money. If you know how to promote your website, as long as you have the patience, as long as you are willing to learn, it is not afraid of you don’t succeed, if you succeed too early! About this, I can talk with you, or to guide. Welcome newcomers to add my Q:78256485 Note: A5 only with the novice veteran Oh, don’t tease me!

five, there is a can not only entertain themselves, they can make money, that is the professional gaming game player! This occupation in recent years can be red, even the school also opened up such a discipline. If you are strong enough, you can upgrade your collection fee, or you can sell the points after you upgrade.

"because the information available is very limited, people tend to stare at existing information to draw conclusions."." For example, you chat with someone who loves your product very much, and at the end of the conversation you’ll be able to draw a blueprint for the product, and you’ll think I’ll make it the most successful work ever. Look at another angle, you meet with product related bad comments, feel to the lowest point in life, and then began to get, ask yourself why you’re hitting the wall again and again. In fact, even if something like that has upset you, your company’s prospects will not be much affected.

six, if you have a good supply of goods, such as factory direct supply in the price has a great advantage, then you can open an online store, there are many on the network shopping platform, Taobao, sh419, pat, ah, eBay can. Online shopping is now more popular among the people.

humans are not very good at dealing with uncertain things, so people’s minds tend to lean toward a seemingly more reliable side. If you happen to know Firefly most

this article comes from: First Round Review

Firefly, the total income was $eleven thousand. When Shipper and his co-founder Justin Meltzer front right just solve a problem for the company technology — without the help of other software, allowing two people to browse the same page at the same time, when the company’s sales are not ideal. Shipper says it might be a reasonable decision to concede at that time.


1, spend more time understanding failure or success

three, if you have some knowledge of web design, you can create a website or blog to join advertising to make money, you can see a lot of large sites are to rely on advertising to make money, but also cost a lot of Oh, but the premise is your site must be very popular for Swanson oh! Or you won’t have this value! Anyway, the Internet becomes more and more realistic, the flow of money is

, in an exclusive interview with First Round Review, Shipper shared the three biggest strategies for himself and Firefly, and how to succeed in the first venture.

Dan Shipper now cover left is on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, and his heart is very clear, you want to build a real software company, with customers willing to pay and stable performance. Last month’s highlights were visible: graduating from school and selling the company’s first Firefly Dorm, Fund, Room investment to the Pegasystems, bringing millions of dollars into the bag.

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