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users: through the shlf1314 analysis tool, you can understand the user’s location, for example from which countries and what city, you can also understand the trend of user access, such as independent visitors, pageviews, time on site, in addition, you can also view the user loyalty and other information. Through this information, you can know the proportion of new and old users of the site, the stickiness of the content of the website, the user’s geographical characteristics, and so on, so as to more targeted website positioning and future development direction adjustment. The increase of

shlf1314 analysis tools can help you understand users, traffic sources, and the performance of web content. On the basis of mastering these data, you can optimize website content, increase traffic, and provide better service for users.

below, we are from the understanding of users, increase traffic and optimize the content of the three aspects of the website, shlf1314 analysis tool briefly introduced, only to attract people’s attention. More functions are needed by publishers.

flow analysis tool can help you understand and grasp the traffic sources, allowing you to clearly understand the search engine, direct access, promotion website and other sources of contribution and impact on your flow, to help you improve website traffic more effectively. Optimization of website content: through the analysis tool, you can clearly know your website to bring you different plates respectively how many pageviews and independent access, they are user loyalty, content viscosity and performance, and the most important is that you can know what keywords of these plates is the most attract users. In this way, you can more targeted optimization of website content, adjust the resource allocation of different sections, provide more targeted content to your users, increase user loyalty and satisfaction, enhance user experience. The above is only the tip of the iceberg of shlf1314 analysis tools, and more functions still need to be experienced, explored and found in use.

, let’s sort out the words first. After sorting, we choose one of the largest traffic flows. The second, we put two words, including words and words contained in the positioning, can only do one, do not do two. The third part is to classify them, divide the grades, and use the EXCEL table to build a keyword thesaurus. The next step is to take out the best words and put them on the front page. Put the better conversion words into the directory page. Words with higher conversion rates come to the fourth step. The word was in the distribution chain and distribution chain to make it up third natural, after row up to the statistics from the word to the conversion rate there are two assessment criteria first is call volume the customer asked, the second is the business can be tracked there is a message. There are a lot of business benefits, it is possible to track the user. "

how to select keywords? First select a large amount of search, such as SEO is what? What is SEO? SEO what does it mean? No matter how many mining, can only choose a keyword, the other two can only give up. Why? Because these three words are the same meaning, if all put in a title, it is difficult to do rankings, it is difficult to take care of. If you make three pages, then their contents will be repeated. If you really want to do rankings, must not worry, ranking up, and later there is a way to do other words. But it would be difficult if you did it earlier. It’s hard to get a ranking if the page doesn’t match exactly. The first choice when the note is in the same meaning words only choose a maximum flow. Then you should choose the long term or short term in contains words? If SEO is the keyword ranking and what is the meaning of "anchor text don’t do" what is SEO "or the two words are very difficult to get good rankings. Do not let the chain of dual-use, and use it will lead to weight dispersion. The distribution of science is crucial. We can’t use the word "double". Our resources are valuable. In the process of screening, to carry out the strict control of key words, to control the keyword consumption intention the conversion rate of the word speculation, for example, there are price inquiries, quality inquiries. In general, like this kind of inquiry keyword conversion is higher. Like travel, for example. There are also contrast words, such as "certain" brand, which is good?. Conversion of key words is also relatively high. For example, certain prices and certain prices which is cheaper?. For the purchase intention of keywords, early screening. We divided the purchase intention into three grades. The best conversion rate, the better, the general. Put the best in the first level, the better put in the two level inside, the general put in the three level inside. When classifying, do not compare their traffic of course, the key words are traffic. Some index can not find out, as long as the relevant search inside, there is representative of the flow. At the sub level, the reasoning is purely based on reasoning.

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