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Fu Yingming, I’m sure there is. "The ability to ask the right questions is more important than the ability to solve them." Fu Yingming put up a good question, which doomed her to start a career differently.

anyway, whether you want to invest money or a domain name, domain name investment industry to practice, the.WANG domain name will be your best choice!


raises the right question is the first step in entrepreneurship,

what kind of domain name will be valuable,



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for the new top-level domain although market positioning today still can not shake the mainstream of the domain name, but by virtue of its short quality rich resources and reasonable price, once open registration is popular in favor of rice farming. Such as "ecliptic" launched by ACE domain.WANG is based on the global Chinese spelling habits confirm opening, with a high degree of Chinese memory and spelling habits, has been among the new top-level domain ownership in the ranks of the top 5, 60 thousand more than the total registered.

is a domain name investment more than the stock value of the industry, although the high return investment domain is high risk, which needs sharp eyes, in the domain of the investment industry, the domain name is never a lack of buying the event, that the acquisition is undoubtedly the domain name contains a huge commercial value a good domain name. Just as micro-blog’s social networking platform, NetEase, Sina and Tencent have micro-blog this platform, but because Sina in 8 million purchased weibo domain name, the domain name brand protection, and succeeded in becoming the boss of micro-blog.

, like Sina micro-blog weibo, combines domain names with enterprise products, names, or trademarks, and is appropriate, brief, and easy to remember. But also want to know, because only the domain name and birth to let it become a "gold" as a scarce resource, high-quality resources become mainstream domain name "com, CN, net and other more depleted, most short domain name has been registered, the domain name should be as investors investment perspective to what

Fu Yingming has subverted the traditional family function sound, she put the concept of "cloud" use sound, integration of the most popular entertainment resources, the depth of strategic cooperation, Migu music, mango TV small Y game has successfully solved the audio content needs pounds.


I think, non new top-level domain, since 2014, the world has thousands of new top-level domains, although it is not a mainstream domain name, but it is just on the line soon, short of numbers and letters for memory, high-quality code domain plasticity of many reservoirs.

problem solving is the core of entrepreneurship,

have a product that meets the needs of the family’s diverse entertainment and takes on the responsibility to link every member of the family and become an adhesive and catalyst for family members’ entertainment?. At the same time must also add, subtract, multiply and divide this product to more instead of a lot of wiring, not to add, does not occupy too much space in the

Fu Yingming, one of the 70 female entrepreneurs after an hand in a velvet glove. Before she started her career, she worked as a core executive for more than 10 years in broadcast and television systems, enterprises and high-tech enterprises. In an interview, talked about the entrepreneurial motivation, "we found that, with the development of science and technology, most of the time, the family scene is no longer surrounded by one family huddled together, it would be interesting and very pleasant thing, but a mobile phone, one world, while sitting in a room, but split into emotional island. This causes us to think about this situation, also triggered a strong idea that we do allow family members to produce benign interaction polymerization chemical reaction Internet plus cool products."

according to my understanding of the domain name industry, at present not only on the.WANG domain name is in favor of rice farming, major domestic domain registrar is also very optimistic about the.WANG domain name to the promotion, the price is almost.CN domain name and go hand in hand, such as the eight domestic domain registrar linkage of the world domain name registration is only 19.9 yuan. The real "price is close to the people, have the high price" propaganda to implement in the end.

in a wave of entrepreneurship, it seems that everyone can write a business plan, can go to chat with VC, which appears to be a special thing, but there are a lot of entrepreneurs into a misunderstanding, they lost business purpose. What is entrepreneurship, in fact, the business is never for fashion, entrepreneurship, the core purpose is to meet the needs of the market and users, innovative new industry solutions. This is the beginning of entrepreneurship, to maintain a heart. In his understanding of entrepreneurship, Fu Yingming gave the best answer by using the music pound.

on the sound quality and sound source, the sound pound uses 10 innovative BOSE high fidelity speaker units, >

from the sound hardware unit to the software unit, and then to the integration of resources, Fu Ming Ying and her team lists numerous sets of solutions, but each project after repeated demonstration after the overthrow, in her words, the process of entrepreneurship is to solve the problem, the answer is innovation. Through unremittingly efforts, a "HIFi +WiFi +OTT audio jukebox player" collection of a variety of mainstream home entertainment in one pound of audio video & audio market successfully.

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