Zhang Xiaolong announced WeChat small program release time it sent us what important signalLele jur

today, December 28, 2016, Zhang Xiaolong made it clear that WeChat small program officially with the user to meet the time – January 9, 2017, Zhang Xiaolong speech in an hour at the topic, elaborated the origin of small procedures, is a small program to meet user specific needs, the needs are real. A small program combines the PC era search site features advantages and WeChat two-dimensional code, we don’t want him to be a website experience on a mobile phone, but also a better experience, so we define a small program. Small programs like the PC era site, do not need to download and install, the information is within reach, run away, without uninstalling. WeChat science and technology from the media to stay Meng said, WeChat small program columnist "Chunxiao" interpretation of this event for the first time.

Zhang Xiaolong made it clear this time: the small program has no entrance, which is the same as the public number. People who haven’t used small programs can’t find the entrance. Small programs can be scanned through two-dimensional code access.

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one, small program on WeChat no entrance, the initiative of the entrance in the hands of users,

2, users scan or search for the first time to open your small program, you can still sweep code, search, or first points mentioned in the "you use the small program" to open your applet.

this means that in the future, our small programs may be opened in several ways:

if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,

3, for small program owners, what they want is how to optimize small programs and increase user access

small program on the 90% before the release time, the industry almost always predicted in December 28th, is the day WeChat held a public class today, but in the end I do a small program in the WeChat uphold the different opinions: Chunxiao in accordance with its own logic to predict small program release time as a whole, only WeChat accurately predict small program release time of the media, many media, a friend gave me timely approval and support for the first time, Chunxiao gratified and proud, although the prediction of the accurate range of small program release time, but there are many points of luck, after all I was said the sentence: "maybe we are wrong, really knows only the WeChat team and Zhang Xiaolong himself."

wrote in front of the words:

More information on

1, if you want your program to display in front of the user, the user first needs at least once you open the small program, the next WeChat should give the user a "you use a small program" or "collection" function, allowing users to more easily find you.


regression story, I will hear in the scene today, feel the interpretation of one by one, I hope to give you friends more substantive inspiration.

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