Not afraid of a fear without a single success


wrote this article, I was still in the stage of nothing on the internet. In the network, I just started, hundred-percent counted on the rookie, see on the network such as the influential man, Li Xiang, Kang Sheng network Dai Zhikang, A Fei station, the station network graph king and the laggards refused to swimming fish and other Internet gold achieve success and win recognition, I feel ashamed but think of them, how many groundless talk steeped in the Internet, has experienced many setbacks to hone, now finally ushered in the harvest season, I think they should be rewarded, behoove returns, we have to be respected, not jealous. And think of me, in the past years, but always do a two ears do not hear out of the window, just do QQ worm worm copycat.

I think 2001 began chatting with classmates joked that look on my QQ every day I do not know People are hurrying to and fro., some people on the web are hard for business, is to make their own piece of the sky to the Internet, think about how childish, sorry ah limited outlook. Until now, I still know only chat, e-mail, watch the news, the only change is my QQ level has reached 36, this period made a number of contributions to the ah, made a number of contributions to the telecommunications, but did not think of herself but also involved to make their own piece of heaven and earth to do, rather than a traveler and onlookers. Finally after a party, watching a group of passionate webmasters, when planning A fighting spirit soars aloft. plans for the future, I only know that they are really out, I was out, I wasted too much of my youth, wasted too much time and passion, if I would like to muddle along without any aim to live. I will accomplish nothing.

I felt so lost the other day. I knew I couldn’t go on like this. Finally at the party after second weeks, I decided to act, I am looking for a variety of resources on the Internet, looking for the lost sea pearl, after the online data collection, ask users to find information, website, I decided to do a second-hand goods trading platform focused on the local Guangzhou, Guangzhou modern bartering network) but I also know that I am a person in the battle, I can not Tandaqiuquan, engage in some superfluous face job, I can only step by step, steadfast, dedicated to the site to do the fine, really helpful to people’s life, the website will have popularity, to attract people to come to.

in the site now, I almost to work all the time on this site, as with his own son to treat it, as I know, pay may not succeed, but do not pay will not be successful. Every time I see the site’s popularity on the day, visits a day to be more famous than the day higher, my heart will have a sense of satisfaction, I know that these users are given, and their efforts to the results, I only pay more to better service for the users, will be more willing to.

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