6 cents is this the hope of grassroots webmaster

and everyone else, the author is a grassroots webmaster, have continued to do a few stations, what Chinese dream business network, the 28 network shares what ah, what house beauty slimming network and so on the horizon, the name is nice, but it has not improved. Now what, neither dead nor alive every month can earn money 3/4, the revenue from Google Adsense, 1/4 of the income from several stations that sell links to earn money. Many of the station said to the two days to see a webmaster wrote an article "going out to bask in an ordinary webmaster over the total income" in A5, this article webmaster. Said: " summarize their income since 2004, "04 years of -200; 05 -200; 06 -400; 07 -1100; 08 -500; 09 -4900; 10 to 4.12 has been spending -11450, have been received Into 7400, is expected to achieve profitability". Have to admire his persistence.

"The essence of business is profit," says Milton ·, a Nobel Laureate in

economics, Freedman". Business is not making money is always very hard, for our personal webmaster, put their hopes in the vague distant future, I always feel like the moon in water, flower in the mirror. Remember to see before the news said that dangdang.com and joyo.com sell books for 8 years is not profitable. Dangdang.com officials also say 2008 was profitable. But I think, although there are websites can be called online business. But we grassroots webmaster and dangdang.com, arenotcomparable. I’m not an economist, I do not know how to analyze dangdang.com as a business plan, business model and so on. I also Ma said Alipay could not understand some financial support, not in a hurry to make money or something. But I think there is a reasonable, long investment cycle, but the business model and funding their final decision they will succeed, success.

but we grassroots webmaster what? What is the profit pattern? By the uncertainty of advertising, such as AdSense and Google on Baidu promotion by selling links? What? Can we call this profit model? I really very difficult to determine. When several looked at his station with the search engine does not flow does the dramatic fluctuations, may face down the right flow straight down even by the K. when looking at your Google account like the stock market as the income curve at any time, when I see the webmaster forum and the webmaster said helplessly, my Google or Baidu account is K. I always not think, Lu Xun in the "Hope" write the sentence "desperate as false, with the hope that the same despair" does not exist, hiding in the desperate hope. Hope is false, is not true, hiding in the desperate hope. Despair and hope are false and untrue. I really don’t know if I should be hope or despair.

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