Why does his WeChat public number not operate

yesterday a friend to find me, he said, now I use the spare time to run a WeChat public number, the main content is to update your diary, with what method can let more users involved? In fact, is equivalent to ask how to get more people to pay attention to their own public number WeChat.

: can I send an ebook,


he: e-books are a lot of people do not like, especially college students.

me: so organize events,


: he organized activities too much trouble, the current way of donation book.

I: if you are afraid of trouble, then spend money promotion, this is very simple.

he: understand, elder brother said, let me send the book to the influential person

I: the idea is correct, but you need to consider a realistic problem, and your books are literary. Now you can find someone who is influential in literature. Can’t you find someone to talk to later,


he: it does seem like a problem.

me: what do you do,


he: I do wholesale of Taobao and hairdressing products.

: I’ll change your writing direction. I think you’re writing about life trivia.

he: how should it be changed,


me: propositional article, if you want to attract college students, then write what college students like to see. For example: a college student sad reminder of the entrepreneurial story. Or: why can’t many college students find good jobs?

he: before the subject is relatively simple, and now also try to work on the topic. But now the operation is getting more and more confused. There are only more than 100 public fans.

there’s still some conversation behind, so I won’t stick it up. Because from the above content, we can see that the children’s shoes are doing some problems encountered in the operation of WeChat public number. Here I will give you an analysis of why his WeChat public number does not operate.


himself said he had more than 2 hours of free time to operate every day. As a matter of fact, this is far from enough for a WeChat public operator. Don’t write original articles. It’s typesetting, and sometimes an article can cost about an hour.

you read, adjust the words, look for typos. 2 hours can not be used at all. Besides, do you have a lot of topics to write every day? Doesn’t it take time to figure out the topic? Doesn’t it take time to read other things?

so it’s unrealistic to run a WeChat public number by one person for two hours of free time. First, the time is really not enough, second, this also from >

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