Two interpretation of the Ministry of the latest record information verification scheme

February 23rd morning news, the Ministry of communications around the Administration issued notice "the Ministry of industry and information technology on further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)", the full text is very long, I thank you all for personal webmaster to interpret the two most important point:

1. Confirm the legality of the personal webmaster


Department has made it clear that individuals can set up websites, and sponsors of individual websites will be considered the site’s chief. Ministry of personal inspection of the webmaster include:

1, verification of documents: if the site sponsor for the first Chinese citizen Id original for verification of their identity, in the absence of ID card case, can the original verification booklet, military officer, MTPs etc.. As the site sponsor Chinese is non citizens, verification of its original passport.

2, contact: including the person in charge of the website, mobile phone number, office phone or home phone, e-mail, mailing address.

3, website information: including web site name, website domain name, involving pre-approval or special approval content, web services content / project.

4, access information: including access service provider name, access mode, server location, website IP address.

two, domain name filing needs to increase the camera link

according to the new record process, the access service unit needs to collect and retain the website leader’s color front bareheaded photo (electronic photo specification: 800× 600 pixels). And by the "record center" unified production, to provide a logo screen as a camera background, photos should show the camera time and background logo".


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The time node

record information verification work is completed before the end of September 2010. You webmaster understand, can do the corresponding countermeasures.

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