The operation of the ox is the way to deal with the problem

I think a cow operation in the work method is very exquisite, can from complex work to find the source, layer by layer analysis, until you find the answer you want.


in the current environment, we put in some areas have outstanding ability or have many unique insights called "bull", "coffee", because they have more learning can take place in this area, so we usually admire powerful person.

in the operation of this industry, the operation of cattle is also a lot, we want to know his views and views on the operation industry, but also more willing to target them to study, and strive to surpass him. We have not thought that these expert operators do why so much, just because he in this field for a long time only, or because he is a congenital advantage of operation? In my opinion, I think it can not constitute a key factor in why they are so cattle. Although these factors are an important reason, but in the end, I think they are in this field of learning methods, methods of work plays a vital role. It can even be said that if the operation in this industry, not often go to summarize their own working methods, you are likely to be standing still, stalled, which is why some people enter the industry a year can take charge as chief of and some people, will always be a small series of reasons.


niubable operation at work, is how to deal with various perplexing things? Before the analysis of the problems, I think a niubable operation, except in the work method is the premise of the, is hard skills you must have to cross the border, if you even basic skills the operation did not pass, want to be whether there is a large coffee operation impossible?

well, said so much to pave the way, we officially entered the analysis of this problem, a regressed donghonghong operation at work is how to give simple, standardized, efficient

to answer the questions?

, please state the problems you are having now,

why do you want to state the current problem? Some people may think that my problem may be nothing more than how to do the present operation and promote APP to more people. But many people ignore the importance of the problem. I remember the Internet has a big coffee said: "in the mobile internet society, the question is more than the answer to the answer more valuable.". Why is worth more questions than answers? We all know that in the Internet society, the demographic dividend has passed, the information overflow, before people won’t like to accept the information passively, they also selectively choose their own information to absorb, which is why more and more people accept the pay to read. So this time, if the question you ask is more accurate or more able to express the pain of a group of people, then the question is valuable and worth answering.

in my micro

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