From rare flowers to the beginning talking about the three or four lines of urban and rural nternet


] product uses review 588 million Internet users, distributed in more than 3000 counties and cities, so we see the Internet territory, in addition to the north of Guangzhou, is really very small, and these regional Internet history, also a little better than we imagined behind.


Wen / Wang Xinyu (product route network columnist)

today, after seeing friends Luo Chao in the circle of friends complained that after the Spring Festival, no one wrote the Internet home information and three or four lines of urban Internet truth. Open several technology media platform, and not too many similar articles, we almost every year there will be so few articles called down to earth, and then as time goes by all kinds of tall on the flow of information to drown, can persist for the regional internet field, researchers occasionally audible, or two hands we can count. In fact, this is an internal cold outside hot world, if close to the new year after a few articles to speak clearly, can not help but a little whimsical, the three or four line of Internet Ecology is not as simple as you think.

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three or four line internet wonderful world, you don’t understand


at the end of 2014 to early 2015, China earth more than 100 City, in addition to Qinghai, Tibet, Taiwan and a few other provinces, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, contain similar Jilin, Jiangxi, Henan and other regions, the names of some places that Beijing Internet practitioners have never heard of the name: Hailar, Kashi, Shihezi, and Cenxi, Fengrun, Zhou Shangqiu, Bishan, Wenjiang, Dexing, Dengzhou, Qijiang, Yuyao, Huang Jiang, Dunhuang, Chuzhou, Jiaozuo, Shuangfeng, Yongding, Dongkou, Gaoming, zhushan…… These belong to the three or four line, and even more remote places, of course, including Nanchang, Yantai, Xi’an, Changsha, Qingdao and other second tier cities, carried out a wonderful online activities.

This is a

to their own baby of simple votes, voting, we call "Adorable treasure contest", as long as their baby photos, vote, audition and ultimate selection, you can plus, iPad, iphone6 activities such as photography, commercial sponsorship of this

family spree and so on.

in the country, in order to vote for the wonderful state emerged: parents to give their children at the school gate on canvassing, Yilabao, all through the WeChat voting, sent a box of milk, resulting in a short time traffic jam; parents are selling slippers, who voted to send a pair of slippers Limited Edition; open the pet shop to help canvassing send free pet grooming services; and with one family run supermarket brand for canvassing, there was an old woman is walked a long way, in addition to looking for relatives, also let strangers help others to vote; the wedding from print to vote; more exaggerated the parents fear their children suffer in order to pull the unspoken rule, two bus car of relatives and friends to come back; a bunch of people in the night after drinking wine.

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